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A General Strike and Gathering on Friday the 28th of January

By Şener Elcil, KTOS, Secretary General

{Please see Solidarity Statements from the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective, the Baraka radical cultural organization, and YKP (New Cyprus Party) below.}

The Union Platform
Introduction and
The Principles of the Union Platform
By Şener Elcil, KTOS, Secretary General

The political pressure on the north of Cyprus is increasing day by day. It is a well known reality that the north part of our country is administered by Turkey and the authorities here are the puppets of Turkey.

Against the Genève conventions in 1949, Turkey is transferring its population to the north part of our island and has been distributing citizenship within the separatist state that it made to be established in 1983. On one hand, global economic crisis is given as an excuse in order to decrease the wages and salaries with the ratio of %40, and the laborers are forced to pay for this crisis; on the other hand, the public spheres of the Turkish Cypriots are given to the capitals which are close to the Turkish Republic.

Turkey, which is on our island within the framework of a guarantor, was to state an adjustment and protect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus constitutional charter; transferred population to our island and started the colonization process by taking over all public spheres of the Turkish Cypriots. With the transferred population, Turkey eliminated the political will of the Turkish Cypriots and is willing to have a colony in 21st century. The ones who are affected the most because of this tragedy, which the whole world witness is the Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriot community which suffered from and struggled against any pressure is driven to destruction with the imposed political practices.

Within this period, in which the matter turns out to be as “communal destruction”, our organizations are determined to continue their struggle with the strikes and actions in the schools, public institutions and harbors. It clearly shows that, the New Ottoman concept of Turkey’s expansionism policy is still continuing due to its international economic and political benefits, and since this issue is not being questioned, it seems that the benefits are preferable than the human rights. This process which Turkish Cypriots are used as hostages, and which Turkey seems to have a solution but actually does the opposite for non-solution- cannot be accepted.

Trade unions, political parties and NGO’s have prepared a declaration in order to say “STOP” to this process by organizing a general strike and meeting on Friday the 28th of January 2011.

We also wish to have the international solidarity and support for this struggle.

Best Regards,

Şener Elcil KTOS, Secretary General 24.1.2011

The Principles of the Union Platform

1. The Union Platform is a union, founded in order to protect and develop democratic, social and employee personal rights of the labour organizations. To this path, it aims “self-government of the community” by eliminating the problem of representation of the political will. The platform does not aim to be government.

2. The struggle of the Union Platform does not have any room for any organizations or political parties which trigger or support the practices that aim social catastrophe and vanishing. Ex: Those who support “Immigration Law”.

3. The Union Platform gives full support to the immediate solution of the Cyprus Problem within the parameters of the UN resolutions, and Turkish Cypriots’ position in the international arena.

4. Turkish Cypriots will of self-government should be respected.

5. The relationship between Turkey and Turkish Cypriots should be grounded on mutual respect and equality of political will. A relation which is oriented as “giving order-taking order” should be ended.

6. Turkish Cypriots have the potential, skills and knowledge for governing their own institutions. Relying on this fact, the administration of the Central Bank, Civil Defence Organization and Security Force Command should be handed over to the Turkish Cypriots; the police and fire departments should be engaged in civil administration.

7. The UBP (National Unity Party) is obeying all the impositions and pressure of the AKP Government in Turkey, just for the sake of staying in the government. Moreover, UBP is making MP transfers immorally and it has handed over the political will of the Turkish Cypriots to the AKP in Turkey. With its practices, UBP has been driving the Turkish Cypriot community to destruction and it is behaving as an enemy of the community by its wrong collaboration.

8. The Union Platform, - in the struggle of taking back the political will which is handed over to the Turkish Republic authorities; is expecting the parties in the government to support all actions unless the government take steps forward to be more effective. The actions may also include drawing back from the parliament.

9. The authorities of the Turkish Republic should give up interfering with our internal affairs. They should give an end to the practice of “shadow cabinet” under the name of advisors. The interference of the Turkish Republic Aid Commission to the decisions of the political will should be ended. The practices of financial aid should be introduced as projects, practiced through the Turkish Cypriot authorities and the biddings should be in Cyprus.

10. Within the frame of the protocols with the Turkish Republic, politically- motivated economic packet which is imposed to the Turkish Cypriots and is absolutely inappropriate in terms of economic, social and cultural structure of the Turkish Cypriots should be stopped immediately. The regulations should be eliminated.

11. Under the name of “privatization”, the public spheres of the Turkish Cypriots have been taken away from them. These practices should be ended immediately. The authoritative decisions about the functioning and future of these constitutions belong to Turkish Cypriots.

12. False citizenship distributions in our country which distracts the social, economic and cultural structure and hinder the political will of the Turkish Cypriots should be eliminated. There should be a population census under the inspection of international observers and the illicit population should be sent away. Entering the country with Identity Cards should be eliminated and the entries to the country should be under control.

13. The working conditions of the private sector labourers who work in inhumane conditions should be restored. The ILO Conventions should be practiced in our country in terms of public and private sectors.

From the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

We extend our warmest salutations in solidarity with the Turkish Cypriot trade unions, civic and political organizations who are calling for this political General Strike. It goes far beyond "economist" demands and it includes a philosophy and ideology that can build more trust between our two communities, increase resistance to the occupation army, and eventually lay the foundations for BiCommunal Peace and Justice in our country.

We hope that all the preparations and organizing go well, and the outcome of the General Strike will improve the cohesion, unity and collective ability of the Turkish Cypriot community toward cultural autonomy and emancipation.

One Big Union!
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

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From Baraka

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  1. Ex cyprus indymedia t/c supporter27 January 2011 at 11:05

    "cultural autonomy and emancipation" Collective?. Ha ha ha. How about political autonomy as well? You say "One big union" but you mean union without political autonomies.
    You say you support tunkish cypriots but in the end you only respect our presence, not autonomy.

  2. Dear Ex cyprus indymedia t/c supporter..

    the following comment was deleted severel times by the administrators of the so called "cyprus Indymedia":

    "Can you see the fallacy? To have solidarity posts like the above to , which according to a great many commentators (including some of your "bravo to" nationalists) is racists and homophobic and at the same time and under the same post you keep deleting comments. Like the simple question "Do the cypriots from the turkish cypriot community have the right to call themselves cypriot full stop".

    I hope you can read it before it is removed again

  3. Ex cyprus indymedia t/c supporter28 January 2011 at 10:25

    I just did. Great. Things are getting clearer and clearer for more t/c comrades as well.
    Alternative Right wing, that´s what this blog is about. With a sparkle of alternative ideas on cannabis to go with it. Period.