Friday, 14 January 2011

Another Collective Response by Cyprus IndyMedia to New Accusations

New accusations against Cyprus IndyMedia were published in a letter to various global indymedia groups, here:

The letter of accusation is signed by the Cypriot groups named Falies; Enosi Anarhikon; Planodio Steki Dromou; and Anti-ratsistiki Protovoulia Lemesou.

Collective Response by Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

In this Response:
o- Political identity of the accusers,
o- About the specific accusations,
o- A little more about who they are,
o- The proposal of Cyprus IndyMedia.

Before we proceed we must ask once again for technical help with the Cyprus IndyMedia website, as it has been several years now that we have been forced to operate without Open Publishing, and our community has a very strong need for it. Open Publishing is an essential part of democracy and dialogue within the progressive and radical community: we have always been committed to it, and we would be very grateful if the global IndyMedia network could help us re-install such a service on the Cyprus IndyMedia website.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the new fraudulent accusations against Cyprus IndyMedia have brought out more support from friends and allies. Please see this statement of support from the Socialist publication Efylakas:

We are very grateful to all of you who have written privately and publicly to express your solidarity with us in this difficult time.

* * *
o- Political identity of the accusers

Our own political identity is best seen through our actions and activities. We think that our actions best about who we are and what we do. Please see a short list of our activities here:

And please invest some time to examine the political identity of our accusers.
Since the accusers have attached some political signatures to the new set of accusations against us, we would like to describe the political landscape and their position in it.

First and foremost we must underline that the organizations who signed the letter are openly supporting the racist Apartheid Bizonal "final solution" for the Cyprus conflict, which is being promoted by the Imperialist powers that have invaded and still occupy Cyprus militarily (the UK/US coalition and Turkey) and through this military force maintain in our country an illegal occupation regime of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The above signatory groups are involved in a racist campaign promoted by the ruling party to "legalize" the military division and illegal settlement of the island (in violation of the Geneva treaty), and to create a formal Apartheid regime from it based on Race Laws. The campaign is currently being promoted by the Government of Cyprus (which is in the hands of a stalinist, fake "left" party named AKEL), against its own people with the help of various fake "left" groups who operate as fronts and advertisers for that political process. Their "final solution" in the shape of Apartheid will destroy the native and indigenous communities of Turkish Cypriots and Hellene (greek) Cypriots forever.

In contrast to that, Cyprus IndyMedia and a vast segment of the population among both the Turkish Cypriots and the Hellene (greek) Cypriots are busy pursuing ways to remove the occupation forces from our country and enable the peoples of our two communities to live together in peace and equality again, NOT divided by Race Laws into zones and by differing grades of privileges assigned according to Race.

The four signatory groups mentioned above who signed the accusations are appendages and extensions of the Government and ruling party mechanisms (the nomenclatura), and they have staked out various sections of the progressive community as "their own" from which they issue proclamations and try to involve people in their campaigns. Those are aimed at whipping up "popular" support for the Government. Occasionally some honest and good people, often very well meaning but inexperienced in politics, make the mistake of getting involved with them lured by the promising slogans for "struggle", but when they realize that it's the Government, the local State and the local/global ruling class behind those groups, they leave disappointed and ashamed to discover that by participating they were unintentionally strengthening the hand of Apartheid. It gets even worse: it has been widely shown and documented that some of their members' and allies' activities are funded by the United States USAID (civilian arm of the CIA) and by the US State Department, plus by various State Ministries in Cyprus.

The favourite technique of the stalinist ruling party AKEL is to accuse everyone they disagree with - even members of its own Central Committee and Politbureau - of "right-wing" tendencies, "nationalism", or of being a "fascist sympathizer". And of course the front groups and political appendages of the party pick up the same terminology and use it to hurl against anyone in the country who disagrees with them... as they are busy promoting the new racist Apartheid State for Cyprus.

We have published several exposes of these people with documents, money amounts, graphs, photos, and with THEIR OWN admissions about this funding from the US and other foreign Governments.

Some of those articles researched, documented and published by us are here:

Even the daily Press in Greece and Cyprus is rife with lurid accounts of the US Government funds channelled to the Apartheid supporters in Cyprus who disguised themselves as "leftists", "anarchists" etc, in order to promote the campaign - some examples:

In this article a US Foreign Service diplomat is quoted saying: "we opened up a hole and threw dollars in it":

In this article the head of the Cyprus Greens is quoted describing these people as a mercenary "fifth column embedded within the people":

But please do not take our word for it. Please write to the groups who signed the accusations against us, or telephone them, meet with them, and ask them if they support the Bizonal State "solution" for Cyprus. They will say yes. Please ask them if they support the return of ALL the displaced refugees to their homelands (they will say no). Please ask them if they support determining the country's Presidency by Race (they do).

In the new Bizonal Apartheid State they are seeking to enforce on us, there will be a Dominant Race and a Subservient Race consisting of the majority of the population, just like South Africa. The Dominant Race will have a vote that counts for four times the vote of the subservient Race. Please ask our accusers if they support that. Yes, they support it! Please ask them. Please ask them if they support the concept of "one person one vote": they will say no. In fact, they say that asking those questions makes one a "fascist sympathizer".

That is who they are politically. They want to silence and neutralize IndyMedia because it offers a multiplicity of authentic Left voices that oppose their authoritarian and racist campaign.

There is more about them in the sections below.

o- About the specific accusations
o- the accusation that we "attack",
o- the accusation of "nationalism" and "right-wing politics",
o- the accusation of "paranoia" in the attempts to burn down the City,
o- the accusation of "aberration".
One of the accusations levelled against us is that "Cyprus IndyMedia is used in order to attack the various actions of the movement".

Cyprus IndyMedia has never attacked anyone! We publish political news, information, analyses, critiques and criticism by various sections of the Movement. The groups who accuse us of "attacking" are referring to articles that express disagreement with their politics.

On the contrary, some the above organizations have been involved in vandalism and destruction "in the name of the revolution" of the few urban public spaces that we have on the island. These attacks are a matter of public record. Also, very easy to verify with a simple walk through town (in the Old Medieval ghetto center of Lefkosia), there is rampant vandalism of poor peoples and immigrant's homes with spray paint, feces and urine that members of these groups use to write "revolutionary slogans". They are proud of this! Most of their members live in the suburbs and come to the ghetto in the center of town to pose as radicals, vandalizing the poor people's areas with beer bottles, garbage and loud behaviours pretending that this is "revolutionary", while the community associations, neighborhood groups of refugees, immigrants and progressive organizations in the area are begging them to leave.

Cyprus IndyMedia has been working with the community organizations, the Faneromeni Elementary School (which is in the heart of the battle zone and has the highest ratio of immigrant schoolchildren on the island), and with neighbours to help calm the spirits, to reduce the conflicts and violent confrontations that are instigated by the above groups who signed the letter of accusations.

To summarize: we have never attacked anyone. The contrary is true: in the ten years of its life as a social-political entity of struggle and activist-journalism, the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective has been constantly under various forms of attack, threats of violence, illegal action by Police and other authorities, quasi-legal or legalistic actions in and out of the Courts, in the streets, and, worse of all, verbal and written emotional abuse, personal and political slander, libel and backstabbing from "comrades" who accuse us of being... what they are.

Another accusation (quoted from the letter, verbatim) is that Cyprus IndyMedia "advertised an event of the far-right wing enosist Ανεξάρτητη Φοιτητική ΕΠΑΛΞΗ of Cyprus University ( the sister group of ΔΡΑΣΙΣ ΚΕΣ. Both the above groups support and promote the idea of the annexation of Cyprus with Greece)" [sic].

In the text above, they even invented a word to find a new form of accusation: "enosist". They didn't want to translate the word from greek which means "those who pursue Unity, or Union". Because it would look "bad" if people promote Unity.

Their accusation against us concerns an announcement to a Movement event that we published here:

Please judge for yourselves if this was a "right wing" event. The three featured speakers at the event were:
o- Giorgos Karampelias (Γιώργος Καραμπελιάς). A person who has been on the front lines of the Movement since the nineteen fifties. In the sixties he participated in the Lambrakis youth movement (the widely acclaimed movie titled "Z" by Costas Gavras is about the brutal suppression of that movement by the State, leading to the military coup d' etat in Athens, 1967), and he took part in the May 68 revolution in France. He has been a pillar of the Autonomist ~ anarcho-communist efforts in Greece since the toppling of the military dictatorship in 1974. He is the publisher of the activist magazines Rixi (Ρήξη), and Ardin (Άρδην ), here: , and here:

Due to his impeccable Leftist credentials and well-respected status within very broad sections of the Left he was invited by the Court to present a testimony of political analysis at the world-famous "terrorist trials" of the November 17th Organization, helping to turn the tide and politicize the trial. Parts of that testimony are published here:

Among the many volumes of books and articles he has written and published, parts of his work helped to expand, update, critique and modernize the Marxist heritage of political philosophy with ecology and ontology, helping to rescue its essence from stalinist distortions, from determinism and mechanistic (linear) thought - here is a presentation of one of his books along those lines:

His biography is here:

o- Lambros Kaoullas (Λάμπρος Καούλλας), Socialist editor /journalist/ activist, founding member of the activist publication Emprosthofylakas (Εμπροσθοφύλακας), at

He has been very active in the University student movement and the pro-democracy movement, helping to break up the stranglehold of the reactionary parties on student groups and incubate the creation of self-organized, autonomous student and community organizations.

ο- Lazaros Mavros (Λάζαρος Μαύρος), Press and Radio journalist, painter, patriot and freedom-fighter. In the early nineteen eighties he was arrested and tortured by the governing party AKEL (same one as now) along with a number of other people and charged with "Anarchism". When some of the prisoners began fainting in Court due to the abuses they had received, there was a large popular outcry in support of them, and the charges were dropped.
Where in the above is there evidence that this event had anything to do with the "far right-wing"?

The event was on the subject of Neo-Ottomanism, ie, the political plan announced by the Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey, Ahmed Davutoglu. The political plan is for Turkey (the second largest army in NATO) to regain its role as a Regional Power by dominating our region again as the Ottoman Empire did. His Foreign Policy plan is well articulated in his book titled "Strategic Depth", in which the plans for total domination (military, financial, political, religious and ethnic domination) of our region are described in detail. Turkey has embraced this plan officially now. It has been in the making since the nineteen fifties, but only in the recent ten years has it been materially and politically feasible for Turkey to pursue it in a more organized way. The invasion and occupation of Cyprus and the extermination of the Hellenic community on it, is the first step of a very detailed process of Turkey's Strategic Depth, as well as the crushing of the Kurdish peoples' self-defence units, liberated zones and autonomous regions, along with eliminating the Armenians within and outside of Turkey and re-igniting a panturkic power movement spanning the area from Mongolia to the Balkans while seizing back again leadership of the Islamic world. Short summary views of Turkey's Strategic Depth here:
"The man behind Turkey's strategic depth"
"Strategic depth at work"

We of course oppose such militarist and colonialist plans, fused as they are with the global Corporate and Imperialist powers of Capital. We oppose them on the basis of internationalist solidarity among all the oppressed peoples and working classes of our region, and on the basis of popular power that can be built in the spirit of social unity and infused with progressive patriotism.

We are horrified that in the absence of a massive Left presence in these efforts in Cyprus, fascist groups are moving in to exploit the political vacuum with their own brand of racism and hatred of the Turkish people. We consider the Turkish people's resistance to be the first line of defence against Turkey's expansionist and militarist motions, and we are grateful for it!

The event was a very useful opportunity to articulate a much-needed Leftist analysis on a dangerous political situation that is often left uncovered in Cyprus and open to exploitation by fascist groups such as ELAM and others. ELAM is well-connected with European neo-nazi and "aryan purity" groups - if we leave patriotism to them to exploit as they please as an exclusive monopoly in their hands, all is finished.

The organizers of the event are misrepresented by our accusers as well! They are wrongly described as being a sister group of another organization which is entirely separate and which has very different politics and origins. The two groups differ, primarily, on their relationship to parties, and have an entirely different political history, springing from movements that are several decades apart from each other. The University Student organization EPALXI that organized the above event, is a grassroots self-organized assemblage dedicated to opposing the Apartheid political plan for Cyprus, and opposing the totalitarian control that electoral parties have on Univ. Student organizations.

There is nothing "right wing" or "nationalist" about who we are, what we do, and who we support, nor are any of our allies remotely "right wing". Most of us are Feminist and Green Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Autonomists, plus there are several tendencies and individuals among us who do not wish to be "labelled" with any "-ism". We oppose national chauvinism vehemently, whereas our accusers uphold the supremacy of their own Cypriot nationalism and they are actively working to support the occupation powers to exterminate the native and indigenous Turkish Cypriots and Hellene (Greek) Cypriots on the island, in order for the "pure Cypriot Race" to emerge victorious. Talk with them and you will verify it for yourselves.

Another accusation against us is one of "paranoia" regarding the attempt to burn down the City Center under the pretext of "anarchy" and "insurrection" on the tragic day of the anniversary of our murdered youth Alexis, during which some of our accusers (namely the organization Falies) supported by publishing - during a very tense time - a poster inviting protesters to come to the memorial with Molotov cocktails. We rightfully criticized them for this irresponsible publishing. It was a very tense time in that December of 2009: in the preceding time there were street fights with Police, there had been several arson attacks against soccer fanclubs, banks, and a Police patrol car, burning of flags and defacement of statues. Manipulation of symbols is a very powerful technique used by AGENT PROVOCATEURS in our country to stir up conflict and to sow division among our people. Thankfully the community responded by avoiding the fake "revolutionaries" who tried to get people to burn down their own city and a disaster was averted.

And we were not alone in criticizing them: the subject even came up in Parliament in a discussion among the Members of Parliament on how to de-escalate the tensions in the ghetto of the Old section of Lefkosia.

And we were proven correct by the events. As the community wisely avoided the trap of PROVOCATEURS during the memorial protest for Alexis, avoiding the Molotovs, within a few days new actions by PROVOCATEURS took place in an effort to throw the country into a state of civil war: more arson attacks, and then the corpse remains of the former President were dug up from his grave on the first year anniversary of his death, stirring up an incredible sentiment of popular anger and frustration.

The plan by local and foreign powers to throw Cyprus into a new civil war is constantly made fresh and new again, with every opportunity. Our accusers are participating in this plan, and that is why they choose their language against us carefully so as to be as provocative and heavy with characterizations as possible, hoping that battles will break out.

And as you see with the accusations, it is all just name-calling!

Where is the proof for all these accusations? Whom have we "attacked"? Where is the proof that we are "fascist sympathizers" and "right-wingers"? Every single claim is answered, and the "proofs" are once again (just like in last week's accusations) shown to be either fake, or purposefully fraudulent translations in an effort to mislead people who are not familiar with the language or local politics in Cyprus.

The whole country recognizes these impostors for what they are, and rejects their fraudulent politics. People see them as "clever" and manipulative extensions of a now unpopular Government that was elected on the promise of Socialism but instead is bringing us Apartheid and economic austerity.

Since our country's population rejects these groups' reactionary and fraudulent politics, they try to convince people who are outside of the country, hoping they can fool them more easily. We hope you can see through the lies.

o- A little more about who they are

It pains us to be forced to enter personal details and "naming of names". And for that reason, since we have a personal history with some of our accusers, we have protected some of them from public ridicule by hiding their secrets and protecting them from the scorn that they deserve for more than seven years (yes, some of this story has a long history).

We are still reluctant to enter the cesspool of personal revelations and accusations, but we are now being forced to explain who some our accusers are, and to make manifest some of their motives.

We have a separate section here on:
o- some of the members of the group named Falies,
o- a little about members of the group named Enosi Anarhikon,
o- Planodio Steki Dromou,
o- a little on the connections of the group named Anti-ratsistiki Protovoulia Lemesou with the State, via another group named KISA.

The group named Falies

Two of the founding members of Falies are former members of Cyprus IndyMedia, where they "resided" politically until moving on to the opposite side, to pursue authoritarian politics. They are Despo Pasia and Marios Violaris (Δέσπω Πασιά, and Μάριος Βιολάρης).

You can see some of the IndyMedia related letters here (they are best viewed on your browser in the ISO Greek 8859-7 character set):
and here:

Despo Pasia used to be married to one of Cyprus IndyMedia's founding members named Solon Antartis. During their time together they had two children. Despo Pasia has just been served Court papers on a divorce case and has become extremely irritated with this, lashing about any which way she can. We believe that the motive for her participation in the Falies instigation of lies and false charges against us is at least partially, if not entirely, the sexual jealousies, possessiveness and marital infidelity through which she became involved with IndyMedia.

We have already published some of this toxic sexual background material here:

And of course there were no denials, no rebuttals and no refutations by any of the people involved, even on the issues of marital infidelity and other violations of marital trust, because it is the veritable truth behind these public individuals. And how could there be any denials? We have witnesses ready to corroborate everything through their personal testimonies in any Court, any time, if any of this goes to trial.

Marios Violaris used to be an anarchist patriot freedom fighter who joined the opposite side. During his time in IndyMedia he embraced the ruling party's campaign for an Apartheid regime in Cyprus and eventually this brought him into a total opposition with the IndyMedia Principles of Unity.

During their brief time in IndyMedia, the two people named above, Marios Violaris and Despo Pasia engaged in several campaigns which consisted of vetoing and blocking everything, and were constantly wanting to censor (delete) articles they disagreed with that were published by our readers and visitors through Open Publishing. Also, they engaged in efforts and collusion with opponents to take over IndyMedia in order to make it an instrument of the Apartheid campaign.

Our final break with them came when they left in protest, furious over the fact that the rest of the group defended IndyMedia's position of transparency for all of our online email exchanges, while they insisted on maintaining a secret email communication list that was not open to the public. Their authoritarian and antidemocratic tendencies are now showing again through this vindictive set of new accusations they laid against us, signed by Falies. Just like the ruling party whose Apartheid campaign they have embraced, everyone they disagree with is a "right-winger".

Their sexual indiscretions left them open to blackmail and political extortion which, apparently, is one of the methods used by their "comrades" to keep them on a leash politically. They know that if they deviate from the Party Line, they will be morally exposed and then attacked as "right wingers", and they will be accused that they never really purged the "evil" IndyMedia spirit from within them. But alas, they really have purged it.

Lest we be misunderstood, we must state that we actively support in our personal and political lives all forms and expressions of love, eroticism and sexuality, including every form of sexual and gender identity and choice, including multi-faceted polyamory and polyfidelity, equality for lesbians and gay people that includes the right to marriage and the rights of bisexual and transexual people. We embrace all versions of a multisensuous pansexualism! And it is because of this that we find the sexual poison of the individuals named above, their betrayal of these values, their posessiveness, jealousies, oppressiveness, the cheating, pettiness, vindictiveness and the intentional hurting of other people by flaunting their sexual indiscretions and breaking their promises to loved ones, so objectionable.

And it hurts us to talk about this, but since our accusers are motivated (at least partly) by some of this sexual vindictiveness, the accusations against us must be seen for what they are.

We protected these people and their secrets for too long, but they are using our support for them to hurt us. We will not allow it.

A third person who is a founding member of Falies is named Gregoris Ioannou (Γρηγόρης Ιωάννου). He is considered "the leader" of Falies by everyone outside of the group. Gregoris Ioannou has been on a warpath against IndyMedia since the 2003 period when we first began to publish articles against the Apartheid plan, revealing it for what it is. He is a staunch supporter of the plan, and he is the engineer of all the accusations of "right-winger" against anyone who disagrees with him on his Bizonal Apartheid campaign.

His vehemence against IndyMedia became more bitter and bilious when the Apartheid plan was defeated in a popular referendum (he partially "blames" IndyMedia for the peoples' rejection of racism), and this was followed by an explosion of blind jealousy when he learned that a woman formerly close to him had moved closer to some members of IndyMedia.

Gregoris Ioannou succeeded in recruiting Despo and Marios (named above) into a plan to create an "alternative" to IndyMedia. They named their group "Falies, alternative Media".

Gregoris Ioannou is on a first name basis with Ministers in the Government. He meets with them whenever he wants in order to "make arrangements" and to ask favours for various projects. He even admits so in public, here:

Recently, at the behest of the Ruling Party AKEL, the Police raided the home of a newlywed couple with a newborn child, seeking to find a blogger who wrote "bad things about the Government" on a website named . They arrested the father, a Socialist lawyer named Xenis Xenofontos who often writes openly in the Press under his own name articles that are critical of the Government, and seized all of the computers in the family's home. The newspaper of the Governing Party (named "Haravgi") cheered the raid as a blow against the opposition, along with Gregoris Ioannou who joined them on this, while the rest of us protested this illegal violation of the Constitution as loudly as possible.

Gregoris Ioannou and Despo Pasia recently organized an "Antifascist Initiative" seminar at which some of the speakers are known recipients of US AID funds. In his own speech, Gregoris Ioannou singled out IndyMedia as one of the prime "right wing" outlets, and went to say that the power of the "State is not sufficient" to deal with us, and called for the formation of an extra-judicial, para-state, power to crush us. His speech is here:

Previous to that, in 2009, he wrote an article in which he claims that Cyprus IndyMedia is a "right wing" group of "informants", and claimed that we serve as a voice-box for... the archbishop! Here:

He has openly admitted that when Falies joined a BiCommunal re-approachment political organization named Kardash they accepted - knowingly! - money from the US State Department to operate it is as an "anarchist" freespace, and that the internal process of the group Falies eventually wrecked that BiCommunal effort. He describes it all here:

Writing on someone else's website, Gregoris Ioannou allowed a "slip of the keyboard" in which he describes the plan to bring the entire extra-parliamentary Left under the domination of the Governing party, AKEL, including anarchists, trotskyists, militant social-democrats, perestroika-oriented ex-communists, greens, radical music bands, etc, naming all of them in his "organizational" scheme. Here:

We have published a whole article on the exploits of this fraudulent "leftist", with documents, citations, and testimonials, here:

The group named Enosi Anarhikon

The name of the group means "Anarchist Union".

One of their founding members, known in the community as "the tall guy", is a fanatic cigarette smoker who, when asked to not smoke during indoor meetings, responds by calling the request "fascistic". A few years ago he circulated a pamphlet in which he decried the "poisonous drug Cannabis" and accused all of us who support its legalization as "poisoners".

Several of the group's current and former members were affiliated with squatting an unused house, which they decorated with the "radical" slogan "Burn Down This City". The slogan is done in the style of a mural specially positioned so that it can be seen by pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the street. They were also involved with the incident of distributing the poster with the Molotov cocktail images during Alexis memorial protest, mentioned above.

Lest we be misunderstood here, we must explain that we have nothing against the appropriate use of Molotovs, and every other form of struggle, both armed and peaceful, as long as it is in the interests of the community. But any slogan or action to "Burn Down This City" is directly contrary to the interests of our people, who have already suffered three waves of war in the space of two generations, have survived displacement from homelands, genocide and ethnic cleansing. This sort of "revolutionary" posturing falls right into the hands of PROVOCATEURS who are intent on destroying our country through ethnic hatred and class division.

The group named Planodio Steki Dromou

It contains some well-meaning people who are involved with creating the alternative "scene" among radical and subversive youth, blending hippie, rasta, goth and post-punk aesthetics in street events. It was originally created on Facebook, and then abandoned by its administrators, and eventually taken over by the same elite group named above and under a heavy influence by Grigoris Ioannou.

Some of its founding members were entangled with the Molotov cocktail poster fiasco, and after realizing that the community was upset by it they were shamed into changing their group's poster for that event. But they eventually arrived at the position of being politically subservient to the Falies group, and following the governing "Party Line" of AKEL through the plan that Gregoris published for the domination of all sections of the Left under the Party. It still contains some very good, but gullible persons.

The group named Anti-ratsistiki Protovoulia Lemesou

The group is connected to the State and the Governing Party AKEL via another organization named KISA, which is directly linked to the Party through financial, political and family bonds.

KISA recently staged an "antifascist" physical attack on a peaceful protest in the city of Larnaka. The marchers, who included elders and children, were protesting the Government's immigration policy. The group named Anti-ratsistiki Protovoulia Lemesou aided them in staging, preparing and organizing this attack. Several people were injured and one person knifed during the attack. Two Ministries of the State had funded and supported this attack (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior), plus another branch of the State named the Youth Board. Their involvement was official, and widely discussed in the Press, Radio and Television after the ruckus.

Obviously, the plan to bring the entire extra Parliamentary Left under the domination of the Governing Pary AKEL has not succeeded, Cyprus IndyMedia being one prime example of independent and unaligned self-organized direct democracy volunteer group. But in the case of these four groups who signed the false accusations against us the plan has been successful.

o- The proposal of Cyprus IndyMedia

We ask all members of indymedia to help us re-install an Open Publishing system on our website so that we can expand democratic dialogue and the exchange of ideas, news and information among the progressive and radical communities in Cyprus.

We ask you to reject the fraudulent charges against our members.

Thank you,
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

* * *

Legal Notice required for Publications falling under the Jurisdiction of the Courts in Cyprus

Κατά Νόμο Υπεύθυνος
Ο Νόμος απαιτεί ότι δημοσιεύματα που εμπίπτουν υπό την δικαιοδοσία των Δικαστηρίων της Κύπρου, πρέπει να ορίζουν συγκεκριμένο άτομο ως τον Κατά Νόμο Υπεύθυνο γιά οιαδήποτε θέματα αφορούν το εν λόγω δημοσίευμα. Ανκαι πιστεύουμε πως ο νόμος είναι αναχρονιστικό κατάλοιπο της Αγγλοκρατίας και εμπόδιο στην ελεύθερη έκφραση του λόγου και της σκέψης ως ορίζονται από το Σύνταγμα, επειδή γνωρίζουμε πως η δημοσίευση του συγκεκριμένου άρθρου μπορεί να αποτελέσει εστία νομικών διαφορών, ορίζουμε ως τον Κατά Νόμο Υπεύθυνο γιά το ανωτέρω άρθρο τον
Πέτρο Ευδόκα,
Σοφούλη 16 / Αρ. 207
1096 Λευκωσία

Ενδο~Μήδεια / Cyprus IndyMedia Collective


  1. An excellent analysis. Is about time for these fake "revolutionaries" to be exposed.

    They have received enough funding from USAID and the state to support apartheid.

  2. It's amazing how polite your responses have been, considering that the accusers done everything except actually killing you themselves!

    In a country where the population is very antifascist and very progressive in general, where the whole population has a righteous anger against the right-wingers, to call someone a fascist sympathizer is to target one for violence and death.

    It's the equivalent of pointing at someone and shouting "child rapist" in the middle of an angry crowd.

    And on top of it, these people want to install Apartheid in Cyprus?

    How can you treat them so politely?

  3. Isn't SHE ashamed?

    That mother of two children who issued a fatwa against the father of her children, telling society he is an "enemy of the people".

    If someone takes action on that political death warrant and actually kills him, what will she tell her children? Will she sit them down lovingly and tell them that she and her buddies made up all these lies against their father and got him killed?

    For what? So they can keep up the pretence of being "anarchists" or "leftists" and continue getting funded from the USA to install Apartheid in Cyprus?

    Is there no limit to this shame?

  4. She signed the political fatwa, as an organizer of the event where she and her colleagues named indymedia as a"right-wing enemy", and issued a call to create an powerful force to crush "the enemy":

    She signed her name to it several times: as an official organizer of that event, and then as a member of Falies who issued the latest false accusations against indymedia.

    It's true that sometimes there appears to be no limit to how shameful someone's actions can be. It goes beyond comprehension.

  5. If you live in Cyprus, you would realize that NO ONE from the anarchist, antiauthoritarian, far left, alternative scene etc supports this blog!

    What triggered the community to turn against them was the attack and false accusations against events organised by it last year. But that was just the trigger. They do not support the community but are working AGAINST it.

    "Cyprus Indymedia" is ALONE!

    The link to this blog has already been deleted from Athens Indymedia who already know about the situation as they can read what is written here aswell.

  6. I see that a fake "antifa" above has tried to falsify the positions of the real Antifascist movement.

    Yes, we oppose the fascist apartheid enforced by Israel on the Palestinian people, and also what the white minority had enforced on the native majority in South Africa. Likewise, we oppose Apartheid everywhere, wherever the colonial and racist regimes supported by imperialist power try to establish themselves.

    If you pretend to be an "antifa" and support Apartheid, you better go look at yourself in the mirror.

    Do you fake "antifa" have any POLITICAL arguments to support your hatred of indymedia? Or just name-calling as if it's a soccer match?

    Maybe you belong to the Party-controlled fake "antifa" that was set up within a soccer club in Cyprus?

  7. I would like to add another dimension to the connections between your accusers that maybe you are not aware of.

    Punkunin used to, and may still be, an employ of Marios Violaris member of Falies.

    I wonder what he has to say about his "independent" thought.


  8. Do Punkunin and the rest of the "anarchists" support illegal police surveillance in the internet and police intervention?

    What kind of anarchists support the actions of the State against an innocent person like in the case of Xenis?

    What kind of anarchists support a staged fight funded by two ministries like in the events of Larnaca and KISA's role? Did they take the state funded bused to go to the event?

    What kind of anarchists support the actions of a group like Falies who reproduce the lies of the governing party mascarading them as "progressive" thoughts?

    What kind of anarchists would attack a group like Indymedia with lies pretending that the people here are nationalists?

    The answer is that no anarchist would do such a thing.


  9. its good to oppose fake antifas as the real ones are in Apoel

  10. From: Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn Greens/Green Party

    Part One of 3:

    I sent the following to a number of listserves and radical left websites and journals in the United States:

    The author Milán Kundera wrote that the struggle of human beings against power is, in some important sense, the struggle of memory against forgetting.

    As long as I can remember -- and here my memory is admittedly frayed at the edges and tattered like old antiwar posters peeling from the bombed out brick walls of another era -- the policies of our radical political movements and organizations have always involved a soupy, steamy stew of "pure" political analysis mixed with under-recognized sexual jealousies and tawdry intrigue.

    Nor is this only the "inconvenient truth" of anarchist movements. We can go back to V.I. Lenin's ultimate decisions with regard to the battles between Stalin and Trotsky for control of the Bolshevik Party. The last straw for Lenin in this regard, after the thousand-and-one political analyses, the murderous reports, the debates over "permanent revolution," "new economic policy," and the like, was that Stalin was viciously rude in his dealings with Krupskaya (Lenin's wife). Indeed he was, to put it mildly. And that entered into and became a defining moment in Lenin's calculation near the end of his life of who should lead the revolutionary party in Russia after Lenin's death.

    We can go further back to the relationship between Marx and Engels, and their lovers and spouses. Engels was deeply influenced -- in a very good and historically significant way -- by the Irish nationalist and feminist Mary Burns, with whom he lived and loved (but without getting married) for many years, and then by her sister, Lizzie, with whom he became lovers after Mary died (and probably lusting after her all those years). Upon Mary's death, a distraught Frederick Engels wrote to his buddy Karl, who could only sickeningly respond with, "Oh, sorry to hear that .... hey, could you loan me a few bucks, I'm broke again and my family is starving," or something close to that.

    And this after Karl acquiesced to his wife Jenny's banning of Engels and Mary from their house because Fred and Mary were "living in sin" or somesuch nonsense -- even though Engels was paying for the destitute Marx family's upkeep. (We won't even get into here Karl's longtime "secret" affair with the Marx family's live-in housekeeper, Helene Demuth (Lenchen) -- where's the honesty, Karl? -- with whom he had a child. Good old Fred "took responsibility" for the scandal for a while to try to save Karl's reputation, but it turned out to be hopeless. The baby, Freddy Demuth, might have even been named after Engels.)

    Or we can go even further back -- nearing the edges of Memory (why be bound by the corporeal limits of one's brain?) -- to Menelaus and Agamemnon, and Helen of Troy (the daughter of Zeus and the swan, Leda); Helen's face was said to "have launched a thousand ships", and it is she for whom the Hellenic tradition is named (which will play into part of the story below).

    Yes, Memory has long fingers, a strange way of squirming through ancient dust.

  11. From: Mitchel Cohen

    Part Three of 3:

    To unearth all of that, the details are necessary -- but they are also excruciating. Excruciating because they are so familiar (witness similar escapades with regard to the Green Party of Mexico a decade ago, for example) and because they are so seemingly intractable, embedded in our collective unconscious such that they keep occurring over and over and over again in each round of rebellion.

    One would hope that, I suppose, there is something to be learned each time we are forced to "reinvent the wheel". Otherwise, it is all so hopeless.

    On that note I am excited to read how Cyprus Indymedia is addressing these matters, and is willing to overturn iconic stones to get to some truth -- which, in Cyprus, will indeed have impact on larger policies. That is a valuable enterprise in itself; and it is also important because their decisions will affect policies, social forces and even wars involving Europe and the United States. The issues they're dealing with within the Cypriot Left will influence and help shape what we in the Left will be doing here, in the next few years over which the next wars will be fought ... and our ability (or lack thereof) to resist them.

    I write in appreciation of the important work of our friends at Cyprus Indymedia against fascists and stalinists (sometimes masquerading, temporarily, as leftists).

    Mitchel Cohen

    Mitchel Cohen is an organizer with the Brooklyn Greens/Green Party, and currently serves as Chair of the WBAI (99.5 FM in NY) Local Station Board* (for ID purposes only).

  12. "Antifa" and "N.M." is again Petros Evdokas writing to support what he writes with his real name.

    Antifa is in the streets! Not hiding in their house writing against the antifascist people and promoting nationalist ideas using the name indymedia.

    We demand that you either close it or change the name of your blog!

  13. You demand??? Very antifa! What is YOUR real name?

  14. Evgenia everyone who uses indymedia world wide has the right to be anonymous. Although im sure we know each other from what we say, or even from our ip.

    Yes!! This must be the most pointless and stupidest "indymedia" in the world!!! I cant find any other words to describe it..........!

    They cant use the name indymedia and act the way they do! No one from the antiauthoriatarian/alternative scene in cyprus has any good words for this blog and everyone supports that it should close down as it doesnt express the community.

    It is not used as a media for the community but against it! Look how many problems it caused and is causing mainly through lies and personal stuff which shouldn't be part of an indymedia but happen from close! Who cares about your personal/sexual differences!? Its character is far from what international indymedia is.

    Already 4 active activist groups of the island have condemned this site. Not to mention all the other autonomous commrades who just ignore this site as it is way out of it.

    For how long will this parody go on for?
    It has to at least change name or close down!

    Antifascist, antiauthoritarian, libertarian cypriot who is writing in english as the administrators of this blog do, so they can pass their word to international comrades who cant speak greek and dont understand what is going on here.

  15. Επειδή απευθύνεσαι σε μένα νιώθω την υποχρέωση να σου απαντήσω.
    Καταρχήν οι διαχειριστές έχουν δημοσιεύσει όλα τα πρόσφατα άρθρα και στα Ελληνικά και στα Αγγλικά άρα αυτοί που μόνο αγγλικά διαβάζουν μπορούν να ενημερωθούν. Εκείνα που δεν καταλαβαίνουν είναι τα σχόλια στα Ελληνικά, ευτυχώς λέω εγώ γιατί τα περισσότερα μόνο βρισιές περιλαμβάνουν.
    Κατα δεύτερον έχουν εξηγήσει και στις δύο γλώσσες γιατί έχουν δημοσιοποιήσει προσωπικά δεδομένα και καλά κάνεις να ξαναδιαβάσεις τις δημοσιεύσεις τους. Αν τώρα θέλεις να τοποθετηθώ επί αυτού θα σου πω πως έχω στεναχωρεθεί βαθύτατα για τη δημοσιοποίηση όμως έχω σοκαριστεί για τους λόγους που τους οδήγησαν να το κάνουν.
    Τώρα αν επιμένεις να αλλάξουν όνομα γιατί οι πολιτικές τους θέσεις είναι τέτοιες που αντιμάχονται τη λύση που μαγειρεύεται επειδή καταπατά τα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα πρέπει να το δηλώσεις.
    Όσον για τις 4 ομάδες που καταδίκασαν το site θα ήθελα πάρα πολύ να δω εδώ μια μια τις θέσεις τους να αντιπαραβάλλονται με τις θέσεις του indy και να δούμε που είναι οι ουσιαστικές διαφωνίες.
    Όσον για τα ψέματα, να μας τα παραθέσετε ένα ένα για να καταλάβουμε όλοι ποια είναι διότι μιλάτε διάφοροι για ψέματα αλλά δεν μας λέτε ποια είναι αυτά.
    Όλα αυτά τα γράφω πραγματικά από ανάγκη να καταλάβω αυτά που αναφέρω πιο πάνω,σε μια προσπάθεια να είμαι αντικειμενική.

  16. How can a website revealing personal data(thus violating individual/personal freedoms) possibly claim to be run by anarchists?
    Why not just attack the political positions?
    Only explanation is they want to reveal them to cause harm to them and help in oppression.

    And how can an anarchist also be patriotic?

    Either "Cyprus IMC" is lying,and is corrupted by circles of the Right,or they are in deep confusion.

    Which is more likely,that the whole antiauthoritarian scene in Cyprus(no matter how small)is corrupt,or that one blog is corrupt-especially a blog using explicit nationalist rhetoric(like "anthellines"-translated to "anti-greeks",like "un-american") while claiming to be "anarchist"?

  17. Evgenia den apeuthinome se esena alla genika, min to pernis prosopika. Alla epidi esy apeuthinese se emena(opws kai tin prwti fora) 8a apeuthynthw kai gw se esena:

    Poses fores na graftoun ta psemata kai oi fantasioseis twn diaxeiristwn autou tou blog?
    Exei ena xrono(kai perissotero) pou paei to pragma, den 8a mpw sti diadikasia na ksanagrafw oti einai idi grammeno.
    An 8es na psakseis sto parel8on autis tis sygxistikis prwtapola istoselidas kai na ma8eis kanto. Prosopika eida tis protheseis tous kai einai arnitikes mexri kai paranoikes. Nomizw oloi thimomaste ta psemata pou egrafan gia ta party kai tis diadiloseis pou ginontan prin ena xrono stin perioxi faneromenis. Ekanan ksekathares epitheseis enantion olwn mas eno tin idia stigmi elegan pws yparxoun kai kala paidia, pou auta ta paidia itan ta idia pou organonan/lamvanan meros stis sygkekrimenes ekdiloseis autovoula. Erixnan laspi synexeia xwris kan na perasoun kai na to syzitisoume. Tous to protiname alla den... Nomizw apo tote exasan oloi tin empistosyni giautous kai dimiourgisan monoi tous pollous "exthrous" pou den mpainoun kan se auto to blog. Den kserw kan giati synexizw na grafw edwmesa. Aplos to vlepw paralogo na onomazete auto to pragma indymedia. Tha eprepe na nteponte alla vgenoun kai apo panw.

  18. "Καταρχήν οι διαχειριστές έχουν δημοσιεύσει όλα τα πρόσφατα άρθρα και στα Ελληνικά και στα Αγγλικά άρα αυτοί που μόνο αγγλικά διαβάζουν μπορούν να ενημερωθούν."

    Ennoousa pws grafw sta agglika giati mono oi diaxiristes grafoun sta agglika me apotelesma autoi pou den diavazoun ellinika den mporoun na akousoun kai tis ypoloipes apopseis.

  19. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos is a direct descendant of the Inca’s Panaca of Tupac Yupanqui, ruler of Tawantisuyu. He was arrested and jailed as belonging to armed rebel groups for helping Indigenous communities in Jaén and San Ignacio defend their forests from international logging concessions, but was eventually released when the charges could not be proved. His poetry has been published in several languages, and he maintains his own website at

  20. "whereas our accusers uphold the supremacy of their own Cypriot nationalism and they are actively working to support the occupation powers to exterminate the native and indigenous Turkish Cypriots and Hellene (Greek) Cypriots on the island, in order for the "pure Cypriot Race" to emerge victorious"

    Seriously? Anyone who has spent a whole five minutes talking to a cypriot about politics knows that this is bullcrap. There never has been a dominant narrative of "cypriotness" [and rightly so] for you to be opressed by. The dominant narrative has always concerned "greekness" and "turkishness".

    Not to mention that personal attacks on people based on their personal lives is unacceptable and seriously undermines any credibility you claim to have.

  21. Everyone among the greek-speaking population in Cyprus is aware that since the mid-sixties a "Cypriot nation-building" project, spearheaded by an alliance of the local and global ruling class, has been enforced on the native population aimed at destroying our native hellenic language, culture and civilization. Its main thrust is the artificial creation of a Cypriot ethnic identity to dominate the country through a Cypriot nationalist apparatus.

    The project has been disguised and marketed as "socialist" but is actually the exact inverse of Socialism: whereas Internationalist Socialism embraces and protects all native peoples' cultural and ethnic identities, this Cypriot nationalist campaign dressed itself in red and pink while it promotes the Imperialist agenda of extermination without any shame.

    The country's main State apparatus and local Capital has mostly been in the hands of those people for the last 45 years, and by a combination of legal and illegal measures that affect our people's Education, Security, Defense, and the Economy, in addition to population control, the Cypriot supremacists have been steadily eroding the native ethnic identity.

    As a result of that the hellenic identity has been forced into a disrupted existence: much of it has gone underground, some of it has been lost, some it has been distorted into falsities that are now promoted and exploited by fascists.

    Cypriot ethnic supremacy is at the basis of the policy for the "final solution" to the Cyprus conflict that these racists aim for. They are promoting a Bizonal Apartheid state that they hope will be the final destruction of the native hellenic population. Through the racist Bizonal Apartheid "solution", they intend to assimilate the native population into a neo-Ottoman form of subjugation that will ensure our demise.

    Ask them if they support the racist Bizonal Apartheid "solution" and they will tell you. They are proud of it!

    Petros Evdokas,

  22. PS.
    In fact, if you see the webpage of the person who posted above as "nekatomenos" you can see that his articles include racist and derogatory expressions for the hellenic cultural and ethnic identity and its symbols.

    He expresses this racist attitude, even as he denies that there's a Cypriot ethnic supremacy movement that he is a member of. This of course the characteristic of many racial supremacy movements, WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER. See how the regime speaks of itself in the USA. They deny that there's any racism in their own approach. It's always "others" who are the "extremists" while they present themselves as the mild, as the beacons of justice and equality. As the bearers of democracy.

    Or, they pretend that they are the hounded ones!

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