Monday 17 August 2009

Yorumlar? Σχόλια; Comments?

Yorumlar? Σχόλια; Comments?


  1. Fotoğraf her şeyi söylüyor.

    The photo says everything.

    Η φωτογραφία τα λέει όλα.

  2. Hillary Clinton:
    "We are going to continue arming and funding the Occupation Army. This is vital to our interests.
    We want you to continue marketing the Occupation regime in Leftist colors - this is the best way for marketing current reality.
    Do you accept?"

    Mehmet Ali Talat:
    "Only, Madamme, if you let me be your friend on Facebook."

    dersu uzala

  3. They talk about fredom of choice but this is made for you my friend....freedom of speech but this is words that they can bend....there is only freedom with their exceptions !!! (inspired by a Metallica song). So, there are two types of people...thinkers and thoughless. Thinkers have two subcategories, the romantics and the practicals. The romantics beleive that they can change the thought many before them until they saw the cold reality and became practicals !! Wake up....there is no freedom, what we feel is just an illusion....we see what they want us to see, we feel what they want us to is all shit !!!

    So....if you cannot fight the system (and you cant) then join a a lot of food...drink a lot of Ouzo....fuck till your penis hurts and live every day as if it was the last !

    And you know what? Let the bastards the end of the day if they saw you dying they would just nick your wallet !

  4. "...Live every day as if it was the last!"

    It definitely makes sense as guiding principle - wherever hunger, basic survival needs for clothing and shelter have been eliminated, the revolutionary movement finds the same social puzzle everywhere: people on their own tend to be interested and drawn to forms of Liberation that involve issues of Happinness, Quality of Life, and seek comfort from the burning Existential questions that survival opens up.

    The Movement often forgets Happiness and Quality of Life as a major factor in mobilizing people, as major element of what constitutes Motive for participating in the Movement. Especially in the authoritarian parties, where boring slogans are the only "food for the soul" offered by the leadership, those souls are left starving.

    And so, yes, we need to keep finding ways to marry the quest for Happiness to the Quest for Liberation; both go hand in hand, and both are mutually necessary for each other to be actualized.

    Politics of the Future and politics of the Here and Now, together, are the only way to go.