Thursday 27 August 2009

The Mystery Ferry ~ An Update

It was announced on the radio yesterday in Cyprus (Weds. Aug. 26) that the Government Spokesperson of the Republic has denied the reports about a Ferry service with Lebanon inaugurated by the occupation regime in the north as unsubstantiated rumours. (Please see our related article below, or here.)

And yet, the news item about the Ferry service is being reported locally, regionally and internationally as fact. What is the truth? Both the regimes in the north and south, and the political parties that control them, have been known to lie. Venomously.

If the news are true, they are an indication of a total foreign policy failure by the neo-colonial regime of the Republic, and of a failed cover up. Also, of international law violations by the occupation regime in the north, plus criminal complicity by authorities in Lebanon and Syria to an international crime of illegal occupation, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

If the news reports are false, they are an excellent indication of a tremendous propaganda blow, and a curious study in military psychological operations (Psy-Ops).

The news item is being reported as fact by the following news sources, including the well known Lebanon Star:

"The first touristic sea transportation service was launched today between Lebanon and Cyprus"

"First Tourist Line between Tripoli and Cyprus Launched"

"First Tripoli-Famagusta tourism sea route kicks off"

Additionally, there is a slightly more informative article published in Turkey by Today's Zaman:
"Ferry link between Turkish Cyprus, Lebanon launched"

And, to top it all, the news about the Ferry is being reported in the greek language newspaper Politis, known for its insidious pro-imperialist pro-capitalist pro-capitulation campaigns on the island. Their report is below.

Petros Evdokas, volunteer
Cyprus IndyMedia

Πάνε και Λίβανο

Και λιμάνι του Λιβάνου ενέταξε, μόλις χθες, στα δρομολόγιά της η εταιρεία που πραγματοποιεί ακτοπλοϊκά δρομολόγια μεταξύ κατεχόμενης Αμμοχώστου - Λαττάκειας Συρίας. Χθες πραγματοποιήθηκε το πρώτο ταξίδι προς το Λίβανο (η φώτο από την κάθοδο των επιβατών) του πλοίου «Akgunler 1». Τους επιβάτες υποδέχθηκε ο πρέσβης της Τουρκίας στον Λίβανο, Σερντάρ Κιλίτς, κίνηση που υποδεικνύει το ρόλο που διαδραμάτισε η 'Αγκυρα για να πεισθεί ο Λίβανος να δώσει σχετική άδεια. Να θυμίσουμε ότι για τα δρομολόγια Αμμοχώστου - Λαττάκειας, οι παραστάσεις της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας έπεσαν στο κενό.

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  1. Already there has been a denial of the news above by the Republic of Cyprus Government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou. But who can trust their actions and lies!

    The pseudo socialists who govern the south pretend to protect the people against such actions of international law violation. Yet the truth is far from that. They claim to be doing so in the eyes of the people in the south but they close their eyes when the Big interests of the Big Capital are involved.

    Star alliance
    is one of the huge airline consortiums on the planet with 24 airlines as members.

    Visiting their WebPages in English
    one can chose an airport to book flights. Ercan the airport in the occupied Cyprus is among the valid choices.

    Going through a different rout chosing the Webpage with destinations
    one can chose the destinations using a country's name that automatically leads to a selection of airports for that country. When filling the form with Cyprus Ercan is again one of the valid choices appearing first on the list!

    It is obvious that the pseudo socialists are mocking us. Either there is no official mechanism for monitoring any of the above or there is a selective tactic on what and when is presented to the Hellene-Cypriots and always according to the petty-politics of the supposedly communist party.

    Shame on them!