Sunday 23 August 2009

Cinema: "My Sister's Keeper"

Saw the movie yesterday. I'm still crying.

"My Sister's Keeper" triggered a state in me that's beautifully unbearable.

I keep being tossed into memories from my own past and that of other people; keep being tossed into bouts of ultra-perception of other peoples' emotional and metaphysical realities. And of my own.

Those eyes opened up a tunnel of love, light and awareness into which I kept getting drawn, wanting to follow the path they opened up and tumble, drift, soar-glide toward the penultimate source of four-dimensional Light.

But whose eyes where they? Where they her eyes? The girl's? The woman's? The eyes of the Goddess? They drew me right to the transition boundary between universal OverSoul and personal psyche - who'd want to leave that?"

You said all this and I understood it directly. But who are you - are you one of the viewers in the theater? Or was it me talking to myself? Or a voice embedded subliminally into the movie? Or did the movie open up a channel of consciousness into which the Voice of pure love can pour through and directly into our awareness?

So much more I want to say about it and what the movie induced in me. But I'm still where "My Sister's Keeper" left me: Speechless.

Petros Evdokas,

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