Sunday 9 August 2009

Why a Temporary Page?

Cyprus needs to have a trilingual IndyMedia website where people can publish freely and openly in the Hellenic, Turkish and English languages - in the style of Open Publishing that IndyMedia has been known for within the politicized radical and alternative community since the beginning of this decade. We are very upset and disrupted with the fact that
Open Publishing is not possible right now - but those are the realities of the where and how the IndyMedia network is right now as whole, both in terms of political and practical deficiencies.

We hope that our global indymedia colleagues and/or local friends of indymedia will help out so that Open Publishing can be restored as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in working with us to publish, edit, help maintain and improve the website and to carry out more of the work, please contact us at:

Why a Temporary Page?
Please see here:

Update and Appeal for Help

and here:

Letter about Drupal to

Cyprus Indymedia Collective

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  1. Dear Editorial,

    I am 36 years old and i live in Cyprus the last 12 years after my studies at U.K. I have to say that in this country every day I getting more and more surprised.

    Today I read that the electricity authority of Cyprus will have to increase by double the bill of the consumption since the generators which will come from Greece will be burn petrol. any way this is not my comment but it is related to this.

    Can you please answer why we did not respond to the Germans for their offer for generators why we always have to show that we have the power while we don't and at the end of the day we look like idiots. I am sorry if I am against your ideology but I prefer to be "dog of Germany than the dog of Turkey" and I say Turkey because is Turkey that will take this opportunity and not the Turkish Cypriot community.