Wednesday 24 August 2011

Kurdish Villages Bombed by the Turkish Army

Contributed by Lale Atatli

The Turkish Army is currently engaged in a bombing campaign against hundreds of targets in occupied Kurdistan, a fact which is being under-reported and/or censored by mainstream news agencies. The General Staff in Ankara, in a preliminary report on its website yesterday, said that they have killed more than a hundred people and injured more than 80 in air and ground bombardments on 481 targets in northern Iraq:

It is claimed that air strikes and ground artillery strikes are destroying "rebel bases" of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Even reputable news sources that are strongly affiliated with the US ruling class openly acknowledge that US intelligence agencies are directing Turkey's fire against these targets:

A similar campaign a few years ago resulted in totally indiscriminate death and destruction of Kurdish villages, with video and eye-witness testimonies showing clearly that the "rebel bases" were dirt-poor people living in the mountains, goat-herds and peasants who are on the receiving end of Turkey's ethnic cleansing campaign. A campaign exactly identical to the one that was applied to the part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey.

Please note that the video contains graphic and upsetting images of death and destruction; it was recorded very soon after the bombings and it includes images of dead people and animals, severe injuries, homes in rubbles and villages totally destroyed in the "pacification campaign".


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