Wednesday 23 March 2011

Odyssey Dawn

Poetry and the Slaughter of Libya
"Those hypocrite imperialist wolves participating in the so called Dawn Odyssey operation against the people of Libya should keep in mind that Homer's true Odyssey lasted for 12 years, if not more. And after the war, the participating heroes and their families faced tragic consequences for the atrocities they committed in Troy! Most of the Greek tragedies are related to that message - that whatever you do, your actions and their repercussions will catch up to you. You will find them in front of you sooner or later, one way or the other, either in life or after death which is certain for all."
- Comment from a Cyprus IndyMedia supporter who writes under the penname "L1".
It's bad enough that the Imperialists are using Homer's poetry to colourize the bombing of Libya with "poetic respectability". But much worse is the sad and sickening fact that they have no understanding of the Politics of Karma they have stirred up with their lethal attacks. That was Homer's message in the Odyssey, a moral and political lesson they refuse to accept even as their Empire is crumbling from the inescapable diminishing rates of profit at home and large popular revolts abroad. The consciousness of the oppressor is always the epitome of ignorance and arrogance.

As the Peace Movement in the West begins to react to the new war against Libya, protests are beginning to arise various forms. Street protests, art, even mainstream television are infected with a spirit of opposition to the illegal and immoral military intervention in Libya.

Please watch Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, ripping it all apart - the pretentions, pretexts and hypocrisy of the bombings:
Odyssey Dawn - Unconstitutional War

There are millions of Americans whose only contact with anti-government dissidents, with the Peace Movement, the radical and progressive community, is through Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Given this astounding reality, it's truly remarkable that such a clear political analysis and definite opposition to the war is able to surface and propagate through such a mainstream venue.

Protest at Downing Street, the UK Prime Minister's residence:


No Intervention - the Libyan People can Manage it Alone

Party of the Laboring Masses - Philippines

And in addition to bad poetry, the imperialist camp is plagued by more severe problems: the "coalition of the willing", the alliance of those who are involved in the attacks on Libya, is beginning to fall apart.

Competing interests, differences in strategy and tactics, lack of a unified command, all have contributed to a rather quick disarray among the Crusaders. Even the imperialist Corporate media recognize this and have dedicated long hours of research and worry over it:
"Analysis: Don't expect a quick ending for Gadhafi"
Even within NATO itself, things are not going very well:
“The problem about getting NATO involved is very simple. Possibly a majority of European member nations are very dubious about this operation,” said Jonathan Eyal, director of studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London.
Keeping NATO out of Libya airstrikes suits US and France
Plus, the global allies who had allowed and enabled the attacks by abstaining at the crucial UN Security Council meeting last week are now re-thinking their stance. Nuclear giants China and Russia are going through a re-evaluation of how much leeway they want to give to the US, UK and to other NATO countries and the Arab Corporate States to intervene in Libya.
"The Communist Party's flagship newspaper, The People's Daily, said in a commentary that the United States and its allies are violating international rules and that in places like Iraq “the unspeakable suffering of its people are a mirror and a warning.”
Putin joins fierce opposition to Libya ‘crusade’
Russian PM slams 'US foreign policy trend of interfering in other countries' affairs.',7340,L-4045538,00.htm

Communist leader slams Moscow’s passive stance on Libya

And More Protests are Underway

Greek Communists protest attacks on Libya

Some Americans already protesting U.S. military involvement in Libya

There's already a new kind of motion on the map. US President Obama is seeking to pass off the leadership of the attacks against Libya to "some other power", and to reduce US involvement, even as the military industrial complex seeks a deeper US involvement because, war, now is the only major source of profits for the dying Empire.

And the unexpected upsurge of the Arab revolt, turned upside down now by imperialist intervention in Libya, has opened up the "wild card" of consequences. Is it possible that this war in Libya, the continued occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Cyprus, the revolts and fermentation in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Algeria and Saudi Arabia, are going to have any effect other than to harden and deepen the peoples' desire for freedom and self-determination?

In the modern era of Imperialism, it always comes back to what Che Guevara taught: "Create two, three...many Vietnams".

In the now famous all over the globe "Message to the Tricontinental" that he wrote in 1966, he explained:
"...let us develop genuine proletarian internationalism, with international proletarian armies.

...Every drop of blood spilled in a land under whose flag one was not born is an experience gathered by the survivor to be applied later in the struggle of one's own country. And every people that liberates itself is a step in the battle for the liberation of one's own people....

We cannot evade the call of the hour. Vietnam teaches us this with its permanent lesson in heroism, its tragic daily lesson of struggle and death in order to gain the final victory.

Over there, the soldiers of imperialism encounter the discomforts of those who, accustomed to the standard of living that the United States boasts, have to confront a hostile land; the insecurity of those who cannot move without feeling that they are stepping on enemy territory; death for those who go outside of fortified compounds; the permanent hostility of the entire population. All this is provoking repercussions inside the United States. It is leading to the appearance of a factor that was attenuated by imperialism at full strength: the class struggle inside its own territory.

How close and bright would the future appear if two, three, many Vietnams flowered on the face of the globe, with their quota of death and their immense tragedies, with their daily heroism, with their repeated blows against imperialism, forcing it to disperse its forces under the lash of the growing hatred of the peoples of the world!"
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

Guevara: `Create Two, Three, Many Vietnams'
Excerpts of the Message published by the Militant

"Message to the Tricontinental" - the full text

Che Guevara on Cyprus
"The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China have given serious warning to the United States. Not only the peace of the world is in danger in this situation, but also the lives of millions of human beings in this part of Asia are being constantly threatened and subjected to the whim of the United States invader.

Peaceful coexistence has also been put to the test in a brutal manner in Cyprus, due to pressures from the Turkish Government and NATO, compelling the people and the government of Cyprus to make a firm and heroic stand in defense of their sovereignty.

In all these parts of the world imperialism attempts to impose its version of what coexistence should be. It is the oppressed peoples in alliance with the socialist camp which must show them the meaning of true coexistence, and it is the obligation of the United Nations to support them.

We must also say that it is not only in relations between sovereign states that the concept of peaceful coexistence must be clearly defined. As Marxists we have maintained that peaceful coexistence among nations does not encompass coexistence between the exploiters and the exploited, the oppressor and the oppressed."
Colonialism is Doomed
Speech delivered before the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 11, 1964

Libya: as the Civil War Expands
Research and Dialogue on the Reality of the Conflict's Background

Libya! - Amid the Massacres and Machine-gun Fire: Questions and Answers


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