Friday 26 November 2021

Fully Sourced Info on Vaccines, Where We Are Heading, etc. Share with Everyone

 by Maggie Zhou, PhD (genetics) 

1. For Switzerland:

- Voting NO on Nov 28 will NOT affect the vast majority of the economic aids.  Those stop at end of Mar 2022 either way.  The govt website misleads on that.

- Since April 2020 there has been a massive reduction in total ICU capacity in Switzerland, proof there's no pandemic!

Multiple Countries Pulling Different COVID Vaccines from Their Programs

Taiwan has suspended Pfizer in under 18s due to myocarditis risk, Moderna has been pulled for all ages in Iceland and under 30s in several Nordic countries and France. Pfizer has been correlated to a high level of myocarditis in teens & under 30s with Israeli study documenting up to a 1 in 3,000 risk in this age group (for a population at near statistically zero risk per review of CDC data from a Covid-19 attributed serious outcome. Experts are misrepresenting myocarditis risk as 'mild' and not explaining a diagnosis of myocarditis will result in hospitalization and long term follow up with no known long term outcome. Video testimony by Dr Linda Wastilla explaining myocarditis risk from vaccines in Senate panel may be viewed here.

Norway changed its recommendation for administration of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to frail elderly last January after 13 of 23 of the autopsies correlated the Pfizer vaccine to deaths in frail elderly. Norway has now recommended to drop both AstraZeneca & Johnson and Johnson from Covid-19 vaccination program due to safety risks.


Doctors Are under Gag Orders

Medical professionals are under gag orders from medical boards, forbidding them to disseminate information on social media that contradicts the official vaccine narratives, and threatening with regulatory action and even legal prosecution.  Red China everywhere?

Australia: official order:

For Australian nurses:

New Zealand:



(I didn’t look for Switzerland, due to my poor German skills.  I would expect something similar too, although possibly not as harshly worded as in these other countries?  Find out from doctors and nurses that you know!)


World’s highly respected medical experts speak out against Big Pharma pseudoscience

- Expert panel on medical mandates & vaccine injuries, US Senate, Nov 2, 2021. Video:

Speakers list:

(Dr. David Healy said that decades ago when the Big Pharma took control of Randomized Controlled Trials algorithm, by sequestering the trial data, and ghost-writing articles about the trial results, they transformed it into "The One Algorithm to Rule Us All".)

- Corona Ausschuss (see many excellent interviews with doctors and experts) has filed formal charges of Crimes Against Humanity against the governments, in Germany & Canada.

- World Doctors Alliance

- Doctors for Covid Ethics (hundreds of doctors & scientists) wrote three letters to the European Medicines Agency, urgently warning of short and long term dangers from COVID-19 vaccines.  Their report concluded the vaccines are not safe”. They have a useful resources page:

- Nearly 60,000 doctors & public health scientists signed the Great Barrington Declaration.


COVID vaccines are dangerous, no medium/long term safety data

- Pfizer etc. admits clinical trials too small to study deaths & hospitalizations, only milder symptoms were studied, then the placebo group was eliminated and given the vaccine following Emergency Use Authorization in Dec 2020:

- US Food & Drug Administration asks for 55 years to slowly release full data on Pfizer's COVID vaccine!

- Explosive British Medical Journal exposé: clinical trial regional director blows the whistle on fraud in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

- US government funded study found “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in the USA, and that’s only a 30-day tracking study (near term events).

- The VAERS system under-reports anaphylactic shock after COVID vaccines by a factor of 41, and that’s the most immediate and obvious severe adverse reaction, therefore least likely under-reported.

- As of Nov 12, 2021, 18,853 deaths have been reported for COVID vaccines in VAERS.

- A large proportion of severe adverse reactions to COVID vaccines already reported to VAERS are backlogged for many weeks/months before being published (if at all).

- A study of US data by a team of international scientists estimated 5 deaths (per dose of COVID vaccines) for every death due to COVID, for age 65+.  Even worse risk/benefit ratio for younger people.

- Scientific model shows that for every 1 child saved from dying with Covid-19 over 117 will be killed by the Covid-19 Vaccine, estimated from US COVID deaths, and vaccine deaths in VAERS (and the underreporting factor), for children. FDA dares not do a risk/benefit analysis.

- Official CDC data shows a shockingly large increase of deaths due to abnormal mystery causes since Covid-19 Vaccinations began

- A study presented at the recent American Heart Association conference found that the patients they’ve been monitoring every 3-6 months for 8 years now (with a biomarker-based cardiac test), suddenly showed a dramatic increases in inflammatory markers and Acute Coronary Syndrome risk score, in most patients, after their second dose (first dose not checked)! Sample size = 566.

- An in vitro study published in Oct 2021 revealed that SARS-CoV-2 spike protein localizes in the nucleus and significantly inhibits DNA damage repair, which is required for effective V(D)J recombination in adaptive immunity (production of B and T cells), as well as preventing cancer.  Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca etc. all encode for the full-length spike protein.

- Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in (all-cause) Excess Deaths. (This article has some flaws, but is overall a good collection.)

E.g., Scotland: notice the rise in cumulative excess mortality in each successively younger age group in the same temporal order as the vaccine rollout. Source cited in above link: Professor Richard Ennos’s article:

- Different lots of Pfizer, Moderna and J&J each have wildly different death and adverse event numbers associated with them, with some lots orders of magnitude deadlier than most others, and clear evidence that CDC, NIH and FDA all knew about these lots from the beginning, but quietly watched many more people getting killed/harmed by them.  VAERS system is designed to maximally obscure and disable an outsider’s ability to detect such correlations.  Most likely, they are experimenting on different formulations/doses on the population, to come up with a formular that delivers a precise kill rate, and/or a formular that best enables their transhumanist agenda.


Shocking Statistical Illusion of “Vaccine Effectiveness”

Two professors of statistics model a placebo or deadly vaccine to show they also display the broadly similar “effectiveness” pattern during rollout as reported for the COVID vaccines, due to delayed deaths while relative population sizes are changing, giving a statistical illusion.

Crudely modelling a placebo for illustration:

Real data from England, provided by the government:

- In a 2015 video, Bill Gates recommended a book “How to Lie with Statistics”.

No Solid Animal Studies Before Mass Rollout

- SARS-CoV-2 is so named because it’s a close relative of SARS-CoV which caused SARS in Asia in 2002/2003.  All SARS-CoV vaccines developed since 2003 have been shown to actually cause increased susceptibility in vaccinated animals when challenged with the real virus, making the animal much sicker compared to the unvaccinated.  This is called Vaccine Induced Enhancement of Disease, or Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (of disease), or ADE.  That’s why in 17 years they’ve not been able to come up with a usable SARS vaccine.

Indication that the same is true for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines:

- The COVID-19 vaccine animal studies were all very short term, and small.  They were carried out at the same time as the human trials.  Pfizer’s was particularly atrocious.  It was done mostly by Pfizer employees.  They only challenged 12 vaccinated monkeys with the virus after the jabs, but monkeys aren’t very susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 to begin with, none of the unvaccinated control monkeys had any symptoms either!  Plus they killed all the monkeys up to 23 days after challenge, so no deterioration in health could have been detected.  And they only examined the lungs of the monkeys, no other organs!  Mice is more susceptible to COVID, but the only data they showed is that they vaccinated the mice and the mice made antibodies!  No virus challenge results!  Some whistleblower supposedly said all their mice died, but that remains a rumor.


COVID Vaccines NOT Effective Against COVID in the Real World

Data analyst Joel Smalley shows in 2 minute video that COVID deaths increased in over 40 countries after vaccine rollout.

Fully vaccinated Gibraltar has many times more cases per capita than Europe, and than same time last year. Cancels Christmas.

Russian study comparing regions by their vaccinated proportion of the adult population vs. Covid cases, deaths, and all-cause deaths.  NO DIFFERENCE.

The Amish communities in the USA already reached herd immunity, without relying on masks, social distancing, or vaccines. Short TV report:


Effective treatments available since early in the “pandemic”

- Indian Bar Association served legal notice upon WHO leaders for murder by lying about ivermectin, death penalty possible.


How Could We Trust Big Pharma “Science”?

- WHO changed definition of “pandemic” in 2009 to no longer require many deaths, and the definition of “herd immunity” in 2020 to exclude that acquired from natural infections, making it only possible from a vaccine!

- A secret ingredient blanked out from Pfizer technical document published by the US FDA, was changed to “water” after legal demand for disclosure!

- In 2017 and 2018, two different Italian labs found many undisclosed, unknown substances in all the random vaccines they examined.

- Many doctors & scientists around the world have now shared frightening findings of unknown microorganisms and nano- & micro- materials in COVID vaccines, and in the blood of the vaccinated.  (I will collect some links from my Facebook page and send later.)

- Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technologies were both funded by DARPA (US military research agency) in 2013

Every Action Taken by Governments Now Was Laid Out Long Ago

- A 2017 Johns Hopkins future scenario report correctly foresaw everything that has been playing out in the current “pandemic”, including the “mistake” at the beginning of the pandemic of overestimating the case fatality rate by at least an order of magnitude, to justify lockdown measures etc.  Countering “fake news” and “vaccine hesitancy” is emphasized as top priority  This was a playbook for government bureaucrats to follow.

- A leaked German document that spelled out all the subsequent actions and strategies the government would later take, including “countering fake news” and dealing with lost public trust, Yet, it was presented just 2 days after the initial lockdown started, when it had been stated shortly before, that “the virus did not pose a serious threat”.

- A 2010 Rockefeller report “Scenario for the Future…” envisioned world governments working in “Lockstep” to impose authoritarian measures in a future “pandemic” with China showing the way, and the controls remain after the “pandemic”. Investigative journalist Harry Vox showed us this document and warned about their plan, in 2014!

- “Event 201” held on Oct 18, 2019 was the last minute pandemic simulation before it went live.  Hosted by Johns Hopkins, with the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation, the event included screening a short exercise film, where the media script was entirely laid out.

- Global Preparedness Monitoring Board In Sept. 2019: ‘Get Ready For A Global Coronavirus Pandemic’

- On Mar 11, 2020 (anniversary of mass deaths in Japan), very early in the “pandemic”, the World Economic Forum launched "COVID Action Platform", covering every possible angle of how a centralized global control will take over all aspects of human life on this planet through the Corona “Great Reset”.  This incredibly complex and detailed platform obviously took years/decades to develop, yet it effortlessly materialized just like the comprehensive USA Patriot Act did days after 9-11.

- The World Economic Forum bragged that the COVID-19 lockdown is "the world's biggest psychological experiment", early on in the “pandemic”.

- Dr. Anthony Fauci prophesized in 2017:

- Bill Gates said in mid 2020, that the next pandemic “will get attention this time”.


They Spit in Our Face

- In a 2015 video, Bill Gates recommended a book “How to Lie with Statistics”.

- On Western Australia’s government website since Mar 10, 2021 (still there as of Nov 27): “Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021”

- US bill H.R. 6666, “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.”

- Microsoft patent number 060606 (full string is WO2020060606A1, with the part before 060606 designating the office and year, the part after 060606 designating version), “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data”, exactly what injected nanobots can be used to do (and that includes brain waves, as the Independent elaborates).

- Australian’s Biosecurity Act 2015 allows the government to issue a vaccine order against an individual “who has been found to have symptoms or have been exposed”, the refusal of which could result in imprisonment or a fine of - $66,600 (the equivalent of 300 penalty units).

- If an Australian failed to report their vaccination, they get fined $6660 (30 penalty units).

- Elon Musk got paid $6.66 billion in 2020.  His companies Neurolink and SpaceX’s Starlink 5G satellites are directly tied into the diabolical depopulation and transhumanist agenda.

- The German Red Cross president awarded certificate & flowers to the recipient of the 66,666th dose of vaccine to the surprised woman - seriously!

- The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was a coronavirus pandemic ritual:

- Many more...


The “Pandemic” Itself Has Been A Lie (a separate compilation for that)

The virus is real, is engineered, but the pandemic and the measures have been full of lies.  Here just to touch on this:

- “All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response”

- Comparing different US states measures/no-measures, all-cause mortality, no correlation, but mortality correlates with socio-geo-economic and climatic data.

- Using UK as example: by mandating COVID tests on all hospital in-patients, those requiring a hospital procedure, and those visiting the emergency room, i.e., people who have a higher chance of dying soon compared to the general population, and by using a cycle threshold of 40 that ensures any dead fragments of a past virus infection/exposure can be detected as “positive”, they’ve been able to massively exaggerate COVID death count and case fatality rate.

- When large numbers of the general public are tested with their bogus PCR test with 40 cycles as threshold, they use the resulting large number of positives to scare us about the infectiousness and the spreading of the virus.  But the large number of infected people in fact reduces the Infection Fatality Rate, which they complete avoid to acknowledge.  They want to scare us both ways.

- Many more …


Where It’s All Going?

- Austria’s compulsory vaccination is against the Nuremberg Code and their own constitution. Vote NO now, or Switzerland clearly will follow.

- Australia is showing us what lies ahead if we don’t resist the tyranny.  The “dry runs” are always done on indigenous communities, to work out all the potential problems, before implementing whatever plan they have on the rest of the world.  As of Nov 24, 2021, Australian government is using foreign military & foreign police to carry out martial law on the indigenous, forcing them to take the jabs to be allowed to do anything including getting food.  Positive “cases” and contacts are taken to “isolation” camps.  The indigenous have suffered for over 2 centuries of continuous genocide, they know what is being done to them is genocide by injection, they’re pleading for international help! Listen to this short, important message.

Stage 7 has been reached:

SOS from Australia, Dec 4th 12 noon.

Thousands of Australians With Unpaid Fines for Breaking Covid Rules Have Bank Accounts Raided and Property Seized As Tyrannical Government Chases Millions in Fees.

- World Economic Forum tells us in 2030 “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.

- How will it be achieved? A Canadian politician leaked the plan to enslave humanity in Oct 2020:

- World leaders have been talking about the “Great Reset” (of every aspect of our world) shortly after the beginning of the “pandemic”, masterminded by WEF founder Klaus Schwab, whose vision for the future includes “a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk” before border crossing, and “implantable microchips”.

- UK, US, Australia have all been building new mega prisons since last year with double fences (fully electrified, and/or barbed-wired, some next to crematoriums).  History is repeating itself, the unvaccinated healthy people are the new “unclean”, to be blamed for new manufactured outbreaks, it’s only a matter of time before they’re taken to these camps to “protect” the rest of society.

In 1944, they said Jews carry typhus, they’re taken to camps to protect the rest of society.

- And those that accept the “vaccines”?  There will be endless Greek alphabet of new variants, to make sure you keep getting “boosters” every few months.  If you ever test “positive”, off to the camps.  The 2020 movie “Songbird” trailer is enough to see what the world may well look like another year or two down the road.  It’s producer, Think MTV, funded by Bill Gates, was in 2008 behind the spooky public service announcement videos re-enacting Holocaust scenes in present times settings, with the message “The Holocaust happened to people like us!”

- How come Hitler had all the support he needed from doctors & nurses?

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav’s very important messages, including the exact parallels of the many stages of holocaust with what's happening now.

“Holocaust survivors send open letter to the EMA and MHRA demanding an end to the Covid-19 Vaccine roll-out because they are seeing another Holocaust unfold before their eyes”

- When we’re forced or coerced into taking injections, we are no different from the cattle, we lose the right to sovereignty over our own bodies.  This has been the global agenda under the guise of this “pandemic” since the beginning.  Watch this short, very instructive video by a French shepherd, on how to shear (or vaccinate, or send for slaughter) thousands of sheep without any resistance… it’s very simple to do!


Maggie Zhou received her PhD in genetics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1997, and worked as a computational biologist for a number of years.  She is currently an independent seeker of truth.

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