Thursday 9 December 2010

Sexual Intrigues, CIA Spies and Fake Leftists: the plot against Wikileaks

It seems that the most twisted part of the story of the illegal persecution against Wikileaks involves the sexual allegations angle: one of the accusers against Julian Assange has obvious connections to the CIA and threw a party to honour the Wikileaks celebrity she had just bedded in Sweden. While the other accuser boasted of her conquest on sms text messages. Even advertised it online, on the Twiter website, as was reported. If it were a rape why would a woman throw a party to celebrate the event and show off to her friends the lovely "catch" who had been in her bed?

These facts and concerns are documented by some prominent and well-respected writers in the following articles:

Alexander Cockburn, said that the "prime accuser, Anna Ardin has, according to Israel Shamir, writing on this CounterPunch site 'ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups.' ":
Julian Assange: Wanted by the Empire, Dead or Alive

The CIA connections are examined in more depth and presented by Israel Shamir, in his article titled "Assange Beseiged - Making a Mockery of the Real Crime of Rape".

For a most interesting "executive summary" of the explorations in this twisted realm of sexual intrigues and spy-movie stuff, please see an excellent short article by Kirk James Murphy, M.D, an activist psychiatrist who collected many of the bizzarre elements of this case from various disparate sources. His article includes quotes and references from other authors, journalists, legal and political sources creating a well-rounded composition. And he adds some of his own thoughts and argumentation that sheds more light on the case.

Please read his article titled
"Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group", here:
and here:

Some background information on Kirk James Murphy:

Like many of us who work with rape survivors, I'm horrified at how the crime of degenerate power and perverted violence that constitutes rape is now being twisted out shape, made light, trivialized and turned into soap-opera fluff in order to be utilized by the global intelligence elite working with fake feminists and fake leftists just to silence Wikileaks. How will real rape survivors be understood, acknowledged, protected and be served with justice after such a devastating blow to the definition and concept of rape construed by media, imperialist agents and fake-leftist activists?

Will the progressive community continue to be open to providing support, be accepting and receptive to the next young attractive woman who cries "rape"? How about the radical community, within which things are often harsher, and take on a crude edge? Every woman, man and child rape survivor will have to struggle even harder now to achieve credibility. Who will have the patience and care to hear out real rape survivors after these two fakes in Sweden conspired with the world's most repressive regime to gag Wikileaks?

On the tiny island of Cyprus we have plenty of experience with fake leftists who work with dedication day and night to further the cause of Imperialism. We know them well from the very top, from our Government and the ruling party's fake socialist leadership who are working to install a racist Apartheid Bizonal regime in Cyprus replete with Race Laws, all the way down to small and petty professors, union bosses, "activists", and non governmental organizations (NGOs) who dress up their authoritarian agendas in the service of Imperialism with pretty talk: feminist, ecologist and socialist slogans are constantly being used to promote their opposite, the most disgusting sort of unfreedom, slavery and exploitation possible.

We've been publishing exposes and the dirty laundry of these people for a long time, especially those who have been receiving funds from the US /CIA /USAID and other "charitable" warmongers ; still, the damage they continue to do through fake-leftist posturing and sloganeering is considerable. Some of us are used to it; some of us keep falling for the trap; and many people have become anti-leftist because of it. Whenever Leftist ideologies are used to promote oppression, the population moves to what appears to be "right wing" politics. All sorts of national-chauvinist, pro-Capitalist, anti-environment, anti-gay, and male-chauvinist sexist politics start becoming more popular when the Left appears to support oppression.

That same kind of right wing swing-back will very probably now cause new forms of harm to real rape survivors after this Wikileaks fake rape debacle. Especially if the next rape perpetrator is a well-known persona within the progressive community. It's more likely now that real rape survivors will be targeted with new forms of disbelief and with uncaring, callous treatment, or even be accused of lying, making it up, or staging the rape, as seems to have been the case in the effort to shut down Wikileaks.

Always, wherever fake-leftists are involved in political campaigns and operations, the effects on the real victims of this perversion are devastating.

Petros Evdokas,
Volunteer, Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

More Sources and Further Readings

From the Daily Mail, by By Richard Pendlebury
"A few hours after that party, [she] apparently Tweeted: ‘Sitting outside ... nearly freezing, with the world’s coolest people. It’s pretty amazing!’ She was later to try to erase this message.
During the party, Assange apparently phoned [her] and a few hours later she was boasting to friends about her flirtation with him. At that point, according to police reports, her friends advised her ‘the ball is in your court’."
Read more:
The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange

A pointed, humorous piece by Naomi Wolf, revealing the ridiculousness of it all
Naomi Wolf is the author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot"
Julian Assange Captured by World's Dating Police

Unconfirmed: allegedly these are the photos of Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin's thesis against Fidel Castro

Governments and Corporations Attempt to Repress Wikileaks: Holding Up Mirrors



  1. It's all about Cuba again.


    You know if you read "On the Run" (1987) by Philip Agee you see exactly what they're going to do to Assange.

    How textbook this response is frightens me in the short range; but just leaves me very sad for such small minded people in the long run.

  2. That's right, Marco, and thank you for your comment.

    When Philip Agee was being hunted by the CIA he used to publish Covert Action magazine,
    from the underground, which many of us were involved in distributing within the US and abroad.

    Some of our readers may wish to read up a little about this heroic figure who defected from the US intelligence services and joined the opposition! - the global people's liberation movement. Here's a bit about him:

    There's a lot of fantastic stuff coming out of the Wikileaks "cablegate"; we need to find good ways to put the material to use for the Movement, and also to keep providing as much support as possible to Wikileaks.


  3. Που τα μούνναρα στα πούτταρα τζιαι 'μεις καλώς σας ήβραμεν...

  4. To author of the sexually vulgar and insultingly sexist male chauvinist crap published above in the cypriot vernacular, I have this to say:

    o- by the choice of your words you show the amount of respect you have for women: zero.

    o- you are already known as a supporter of the racist bizonal apartheid "solution" for Cyprus, and you are also known to be a racist hate-monger against hellenic (greek) culture. So why do you stick your head in here at this moment to inject your venom? What is your motive? Is it your association with and ideological affinity for the fake leftists whom we identified in the article on this page?

    Petros Evdokas,

  5. Exactly!

    What do your women colleagues say? Drakouna? Psychia? Maria? Despo? Disdaimona? Amalia? Maria?

    What about the "progressive" men in your political wing like Gregoris Ioannou, George Stratis, George Iordanou? Nikos Trimikliniotis? Do they approve of your male-chauvinist crap and insults to women?

    Μαρία Συν.

  6. @Little Peter & Big Mary.


    Now all you guys need to do is indicate exactly what you consider sexist and disrespectful towards women in that phrase.

    If by any chance you are thinking of using the mere presence of words such as “mounnara” and “pouttara” (i.e. references to the female genitalia) as the excuse… I will be obliged to direct you to this:

    Pay particular attention to the oral stage, you may have to get over it eventually.

    PS: Don’t you guys wish you hadn’t acted on impulse now?

  7. Oh really, Mr. Mouflon, do you think you can cover up your anti-woman sexist crap by seeking refuge in Freud?

    Have you even seen in any one of Freud's many volumes - ever! - a justification for using vulgar street guy words for women's genitals as a political argument?

    What does your friend Gregoris Ioannou say about psychosexual development and its impact in politics? Do your "comrades" say it's ok to say "cunts" and "pussies" when you are commenting on an article on rape? Or does the subject bring out "the psychosexually developed Big Man" in you?

    It seems you ignored it when somebody here asked you: What do the women in your racist political organizations say about your writing those words here, do they think it does them justice? Do they like it when you say "cunts" and "pussies" as a form of political commentary?

    Petros Evdokas,

  8. Talking about sexism against women, this is a small part of my answer to Petros Evdokas that has been removed from Indemedia, after his denial that nothing happened against the Turkish Cypriots in the 60s.

    By the way, lots of Turkish Cypriot women were raped by Hellen nationalists during the periods you and I are arguing about.

  9. The anonymous imperialist agents and agents of the pseudo left ruling party are never able to provide proof for their accusations like the above.

    On the other hand there are proofs published and documented in the newspapers of the era around the actions and rapes committed by members of TMT against the Turkish Cypriots opposing it's methods of violence including rapes.

    In the first page of Xaravgi's edition on the 11th of October of 1964 we read the testimony of Turkish Cypriot high school student Hasan Mehmet from Hamit Mandres:
    "They raped my mother and two sisters to force me to the mountains"

    Hasan named the rapists in a press conference in front of Hellene Cypriot and international journalists. The beasts were members of the Turkish army the TMT militia and the police.

    Marios Pouzas

  10. This is a response to the personal attack against me by Mr. Anonymous, above, who wrote:
    "this is a small part of my answer to Petros Evdokas that has been removed from Indemedia, after his denial that nothing happened against the Turkish Cypriots in the 60s."

    Since you want to attack me personally with lies and distortions in such a cowardly way (hidden as you are by the anonymity that our Collective provides to you) please let me state the following.

    You are lying about my positions.

    Please read my following articles, and come back - if you dare! - to give us your feedback:

    Turkish Cypriots must have armed community self-defense

    Racist Apartheid restored in Cyprus

    The 1963 Bathtub Murders

    The Ship of State is in the hands of Fools
    "...Now is the time, and there is no margin for postponement, to take every measure possible to transform the south of Cyprus into the kind of country we would like the entire island to become some day, when the conflict has been solved. Now is the time to create conditions for the refugees to return back home from the north, and to find conditions of security, stability, justice, and peace, and financial support, viable institutions capable of supporting the cultural continuity of the Turkish- Cypriot community such as schools, hospitals, mosques, jobs ..... plus everything else which a modern society needs to exist in peace and stability.":

    Are they racists, just plain idiots, or both?

    "Justice" in Cyprus, is "Just-Us"
    Are we headed for a semi-official Apartheid?

    Petros Evdokas,

  11. Καλησπέρα.Όταν ήμουν πρώτη γυμνασίου οι πρόσφυγες γονείς μου με έστειλαν να μείνω με τους πρόσφυγες γιαγιά και παππού μου,τις δύο θείες μου και τους τρεις θείους μου που ζούσαν όλοι μαζί στο μικρό ενοικιασμένο σπίτι τους στη Λευκωσία,ώστε να μπορώ να πάω γυμνάσιο εδώ.
    Ανακάλυψα νωρίς ότι οι θείοι μου φύλαγαν κάτω από τα κρεββάτια τους διαφόρων είδων τα οποία ήταν πολύ διαφωτιστικά στην περίοδο της εφηβείας μου. Δυστυχώς η περιέργειά μου με οδήγησε να ψάξω και κάτω από το κρεββάτι της θείας μου και από τότε στοιχειώθηκαν οι νύχτες μου και τα όνειρά μου.Η θεία φύλαγε αποκόμματα εφημερίδων της εποχής στα οποία περιγράφονταν οι κτηνωδίες των Τούρκων έναντι των Ελληνοκυπρίων το 74.Το χειρότερο από όλα ήταν η περιγραφή μιας ελληνοκύπριας που βιάστηκε από ομάδα Τούρκων στρατιωτών.Ακόμα και τώρα που γράφω τα χέρια μου τρέμουν στα πλήκτρα.
    Μούφλον είσαι ανεκδιήγητος...
    Ανώνυμε είσαι επαναλαμβάνω αισχρός.Καμιά γυναίκα,τουρκοκύπρια, ελληνοκύπρια ή άλλης εθνικότητας δεν θα έπρεπε να υποστεί ποτέ βιασμό.Χρησιμοποιείς πάλι τα αθέμητά σου μέσα για να κτυπήσεις έναν άνθρωπο και ένα blog χωρίς ουσιαστικά να τοποθετήσαι στο άρθρο αυτής της σελίδας. Και το αισχρός πολύ σου πέφτει.

  12. Oh, so your article is about rape and not your obssession with "fake leftists"?

    It is hard to tell when you are referring to the first matter and when you are talking about the second one.

    (Are you sure you did not leave behind a paragraph connecting the two?)

    Then again, I wouldn't expect anything more from someone who is still talking about the CIA as if we are in the 60's, 70's or 80's... appearing oblivious to the shift of power that occured in the past 2 decades with the creation of other intelligence units such as the DNI and completely ignoring the possibility that the agencies of the U.S. no longer act as one force but rather ... run in accordance to different allegiances within the power-structure of the U.S.

    As for your friend's question, my female friends can say words such as "pussy" or "cunt" with the same ease that they utter words such as "cock" and "dick" or "prick". Some people actually grow up.

    I wonder, if we use your way of interpreting things... what conclusion should I make after you used the word "crap".

    Oh, the depths and widths of your "free-mind" great alternative Guru! Still categorising simple words as "vulgar" like a 12 year old puritan!

    As for my "comrades'" opinion, why do you ask me? Go to their blogs and ask them. Oh, I forgot... your directive clearly states that you cannot comment there, it would be self-defeating to your cause.

  13. Mουφλάκι θέλω να σε ευχαριστήσω που μου αποκάλυψες σήμερα πως μέρος του growing up είναι να χρησιμοποιούμε τις λέξεις που αναφέρονται στα γεννητικά μας όργανα ανά πάσα στιγμή και όπως μας καπνίσει!!
    Είμαι πολλά χαρούμενη τωρά και πολλά περήφανη που στην Κύπρο μας υπάρχουν τόσον ώριμα άτομα σαν εσένα και τις κορούδες φίλες σου που αναφέρεις πιο πάνω.
    Μπράβο αγορίνα μου,έτσι άντρες θέλει το νησί μας, προχωρημένους!!
    Είμαι βαθύτατα συγκινημένη!

  14. Deleted Comments:

    Propaganda stemming from the Government of Cyprus, from the ruling party, from TMT, from the Govt of Turkey, from the occupation regime or from Imperialist diplomatic apparatus has no place here.

    They have their own media through which to promote their propaganda.

    This space is primarily for the news and values of the alternative, radical and subversive community, plus for any sectors and individuals of the mainstream community that have no access to media.

    And racist, militarist, anti-liberation propaganda is specifically excluded from here, as well anything that promotes sexism, male-chauvinism and homophobia.

    Please see our Editorial Policy:


  15. Θεωρώ πως το πιο πάνω κείμενο έπρεπε να είχε γραφτεί προ πολλού. Μετά την ανάγνωσή του μπήκα για πρώτη φορά στα Blog των υποτιθέμενων ανώνυμων-ψευδώνυμων και πόνεσα το κεφάλι μου από το επίπεδο λόγου,την απουσία ουσίας,την απουσία αγάπης και εγνοιας πραγματικής για τον τόπο και τον άνθρωπο και την εντονότατη προσπάθεια προβολής του ΕΓΩ..
    Σας συγχαίρω για την κίνησή σας και ελπίζω να μείνετε σταθεροί στην απόφαση για απομάκρινση κάθε σχολίου που αντιτίθεται στις αρχές του indymedia.

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