Sunday 12 September 2021

Black Magik Spell-casting (a.k.a. Predictive Programming) on Depopulation, Nuclear War

 by Maggie Zhou, PhD (genetics)

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For years, the website, run by former (and current?) military/intelligence officers, well plugged in to the MIC, and believed to be a front entity of the Deep State, has put out this 2025 world population and GDP forecast, country by country.  Many countries are forecasted to lose huge portions of their population by 2025.

It only took the forecast down a few months ago, in 2021.  But the forecasts had been archived many times on, and

When questioned as to the rationale of the forecasts, the website gave only vague justifications (oh, we take many types of trends and intel into consideration), while dismissing "conspiracy theories" about this being an announcement of their depopulation plan.

Here're some examples of their forecast:

- USA population from 327 million in 2017 to 100 million in 2025;

- UK from 66 million in 2017 to 15 million in 2025;

- The entire developed world under the US/UK sphere is prophesied to see huge plummet of their populations and economies.

- Eastern European countries including Russia are relatively unaffected by 2025, with the exception of Ukraine, predicted to go from 44 million in 2017 to 32 million in 2025 - war planned?

- China, India unaffected, although a Sep 2020 version of India lacked the 2025 forecast, not sure what that means;

- N. Korea no forecast for 2025, S. Korea goes from 51 million to 37 million;

- Latin America generally unaffected by 2025, much of Africa also;

- A number of island nations I checked also have no forecast for 2025.  Will they still exist?

Interestingly, they also forecasted that the military budget of the USA will dramatically reduce from $732 billion in 2019 to $32 billion in 2025, while most other countries increased their military budget by 2025.


that's the reason why they put it out there: they broadcast their intentions into the quantum field to influence our collective subconsciousness, in hopes that we help bringing it into reality against our own best interest.  That's an integral part of their ritual of black magik spell-casting /psychological manipulation.  It's the same reason why they foretell so much of their plan in movies, books, video games, etc., known as predictive programming.



Before they took down their forecasts, they updated it with a lengthy note in Sep 2020, which is archived too, e.g. here.

In this psyop note, they FORECASTED NUCLEAR WAR.

They said they expect the US and western Europe to lose much of their populations (in the 50-80% range by 2025 if you look at individual countries) due to the "collapse of the Western financial system - and ultimately the Western civilization", "along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome", such as COVID.

They went on to say:

"The ultimate conflict can come from two ways. A conventional conflict involving at least two major powers that escalates into an open nuclear war. A second scenario is possible in the 2025-2030 timeframe. A Russian sneak first strike against the United States and its allies"

This psyop piece praised Russia and China, and said the "Soviet society was more compact and resilient under an authoritarian regime."

This very much channels the 2010 Rockefeller Scenario for the Future report, which described how China's authoritarian response to a future respiratory pandemic proves the most effective, while the western democracies failed, and henceforth, world governments worked in "Lockstep" with each other to combat the "pandemic" - all written in the past tense, as if it already happened, which is another principle of materializing intentions to coalesce into reality.

So we see their evil plan to collapse the western financial system and everything else with it, possibly with a nuclear war to finish off, and then teach any survivors that it was western "democracy" that was the problem that lead to the catastrophe, and that the whole world should adopt authoritarian control by a One World Government to ensure such destruction will never happen again.  The Georgia Guidestones will probably be the new 10 Commandment.

Also, recall Joe Biden's "gaffe" last Oct, when he said 200 million Americans have died of COVID-19?  Quite a coincidence with Deagel's numbers isn't it?  People laughed at his senility assuming he got his math mixed up, but his "morbid" pronouncement, as Trump called it, over national TV, nevertheless was meant to leave an impact on our collective unconsciousness, with Trump's reminder yet again to reinforce it.  And, according to the following article, Biden made a similar "gaffe" at least one other time at a rally (by that point).


As to who’s behind - there’s no “About us” page on their website.  They try to give the impression that they're just a few guys doing this website in their "spare time", and that they're not linked to any government.  But the website content is so thorough and systematic, it's clearly not a project done by a few people on their "spare time".  The following description captures it quite well:

'A cursory browsing of the website will display to the average viewer a CIA-like "Fact Book", with a list of all national government military equipment and whom their suppliers and purchasers are. The technical information and forecasts for ALL countries in the world is not an easy task to compile, list, and update day after day, month after month, year after year. A clandestine website such as Deagel can be comparable to a private CIA firm like STRATFOR, which also forecasts and 'predicts' future events based on current trends.'


Again, remember to always CANCEL, DELETE any and all such evil plans of these psychopaths, whenever we read/encounter them.  Share this info with other human beings to try to wake up more people, and be sure to ask them to CANCEL, DELETE as well.


Maggie Zhou received her PhD in genetics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1997, and worked as a computational biologist for a number of years.  She is currently an independent seeker of truth.

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