Monday 9 June 2014

Τι λέει ο Μπάτμαν για το Κυπριακό;

Τι λέει ο Μπάτμαν για το Κυπριακό;


  1. Let's see how scared con man Petros Evdokas REALLY is of the CIA:

    Some people think he's a government information. But that's horseshit. Petros is just a pathological liar and scammer. Has always been. Hear the one about how he was "tortured"? Or the one about his Cypriot "struggle"/ The asshole was born in NEW YORK.

    But his big gig is how the CIA was after him. Well, let's find out what the CIA says about him.

    $20 they say they never heard of him OR confirm he's a con man.

    1. Thank you, my dearest detractor, for allowing me an opportunity to share a bit of my personal story here. If anyone is interested in the above reference, here it is:
      "More on the Fake Left"

    2. You're confirming you're NOT really scared of the CIA? And you're you're really a New Yorker with privileged Cypriot parents?
      Man, you suck.

  2. OMG. He's flogging that doing pushups in faeces torture story. Notice he does say who was responsible. you know, what political faction, where he was held. Or most important what politician daddy Takis Evdokas did when he found out his son was being tortured.

    About the Author
    Takis Evdokas, M.D., is a practicing psychiatrist and author who has dedicated more than fifty years researching and studying the phenomena of death and dying. This book is the result of all his research and experiences through the years on the subject of death, He is the author of several books on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, mental health, sex-education, politics, and fiction. He has also translated into Greek several important psychiatric works including Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" and Karen Horney's "Our Inner Conflicts" and "Self-Analysis."

    Wonder if he knows how to cure compulsive liars?

    Dr. Takis Evdokas, a psychiatrist trained in Athens and New York, became its head. Evdokas began publishing a weekly paper, Gnomi (Opinion), that sharply criticized the government's policies and advocated Enosis as the only guarantee against communism. If we compare Evdokas with the subsequent leaders of the opposition, he appears moderate. The avowed purpose of Gnomi was to attack Makarios's one upmanship and contribute toward maintenance of an open forum for the free expression of opinion. But Evdokas's uncritical acceptance of what seemed to be an unrealistic advocacy of Enosis alienated him from moderate critics of the government. The moderates might have formed the basis of a loyal opposition (which did not develop in Cyprus) if the increasing political polarization had left room for one to develop. The presidential election of 1968 exposed the weakness of the opposition when Evdokas, as head of DEK, gained only 2 percent of the vote against Makarios's 98 percent.
    Evdokas was committed to a democratic confrontation with the government through "dialogue," in spite of the fact that the ultimate goal of the opposition was the abolition of Cyprus's independence. This contradiction left Evdokas with a constituency of right-wing extremists who eventually forced him out of politics, replacing the leadership of the Right with antidemocratic militants.

    Evdokas was born in 1928 in Pachna, Lemesos province, Cyprus. He founded the National Democratic Party and opposed Archbishop Makarios III in the 1968 presidential elections as a die-hard proponent of Enosis (union of the island with Greece. The campaign was marked by abuse with yogurt and other objects hurled at Evdokas. He received just 3.71% of the vote.
    Evdokas has authored 16 books on the subject of psychiatry. He has two sons, both resident in the USA.


    So much for Petros "the Cypriot"!

  3. Look at what Wikipedia has:

    Takis Evdokas (Greek: Τάκης Ευδόκας; born 1928) is a Greek Cypriot far-right politician, psychiatrist and writer. He was the founder of the Democratic National Party which advocated union of Cyprus and Greece (Enosis).[1][2]

    Far Right? Who's the fake leftist?

  4. Must be hard when his older brother is doing something worthwhile, like being a real doctor, and Petros is just a bottom feeding political con artist.

  5. look, the guy against racism is still promoting truth jihad run by kevin barrett. barrett is a friend of the white power movement/amercian freedom party.
    guess that goes with petty's far right daddy

  6. " Notice he does say who was responsible. you know, what political faction, where he was held. "

    I assume you mean he doesn't say. Of course not. Then someone could check his story.

    But the real reason for the link is he wants to see who downloads it from his server logs.

  7. Now Petty's trying to shift gears into irony, liking this mock conspiracy page:

    Sorry, Petty, not gonna work. Been pimping too many conspiracies for anyone to believe yah.