Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jennifer Lopez in Occupied Cyprus?

by Petros Evdokas

The headlines speak for themselves:
Jennifer Lopez to Attend Opening of Cratos Premium


Excerpts from the news:
"Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi newspaper (30.06.10) reports on the visit of Jennifer Lopez to the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus in order to perform at the Cratos Premium Hotel on June 24. Speaking to the newspaper, [occupation regime] officials evaluated the arrival of Lopez to the occupied areas as a great event. Specifically, [the occupation regime's] self-styled minister of tourism, Kemal Durust stated that the arrival of such artists to our country is a great advantage for both recognition and tourism. On his part, the self-styled minister of finance, Ersin Tatar noted: 'Let Lopez come and we will welcome her at the airport. A world star will come and a message will be given to this world. This is an amazing event.'
Furthermore, Cyprus Today newspaper (30.06.10) reports that the contract of the concert, which Jennifer Lopez will give at the invitations-only official opening of Cratos Premium Hotel located in occupied Kazafani, has recently been signed and Ms Lopez is said to have been paid three million dollars for the concert. As the paper notes, it is claimed that she will arrive in the occupied areas of Cyprus two days prior to the concert with her 80-strong entourage and will spend three days there."

* * *

Jennifer PLEASE don't go!

The location of this place is my mother's and grandfather's village named Ayios Epiktitos (Άγιος Επίκτητος). It was illegally invaded in 1974 and ethnically cleansed by force of all its native and indigenous hellenic people.

It is still occupied today - illegally.

The invaders gave it a new name (a further violation of the Geneva Convention), razed most of our traditional adobe homes to the ground and is now building glitzy glamor social "hot" spots, along with casinos, brothels, money laundering and illegal tourist operations.

Hundreds of my cousins, uncles and relatives from Ayios Epiktitos have been forced into exile and now live as refugees spread all over the globe. The Turkish military does not allow us to return to live there - everyone else in the world is invited by the regime for illegal tourism and to settle on our stolen lands except our own people, even though these have been our peoples' traditional homelands for thousands of years.

Every other stone you kick over while walking, building or cultivating the land in our country reveals a statue, a shard of pottery, an antiquity site documenting and tracing the continuity of civilization in Cyprus for more than ten thousand years... until now. The custodians and keepers of that civilization, the native people of the land, have been expelled from there by force, by murder and violence.

I barely survived that invasion myself. One of my last memories of Ayios Epiktitos as I fled the area with my father and other family friends running for our lives, is the image of the olive groves extending from the edge of the village to the main road and then all the way down to the sea. By the side of the road and in between the olive trees were overturned tractors and trucks on fire, trucks upside down with the wheels still spinning, and the fertile cultivated land strewn with dead bodies. These were the last defenders of the village, blown to bits, burned, strafed and machine-gunned to death protecting the entrance to Ayios Epiktitos from the invading enemy troops. Some of them were my schoolmates; some of them will just be forever unknown: the faces of those who died so that I may live.

Forcibly chased away from our homes and homelands our people have become refugees, activists and freedom fighters... by necessity. We see that you have a sensitivity for social causes, especially around Feminist values, which by definition are against war, slaughter, racism, ethnic cleansing and genocide. We ask for your kindness, your solidarity, your understanding.

Why lend your good name to the oppressors, exploiters and butchers of the world?

Jennifer PLEASE don't go!

Petros Evdokas,

Military Occupation, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide:

Wartime: Missing Persons from Ayios Epiktitos:

* Friends, please feel free to distribute, publish, email and post this letter far and wide, wherever you think it is appropriate to do so. Thank you.



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  2. About the racist comment that was removed from above:

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  3. What about the massacre your soldiers did??


    turk families were murdered by Rums!!

  5. The 1963 Bathtub Murders of the family of Turkish Army Major Nihat Ilhan - and every other atrocity against civilians - are horrible, condemnable crimes punishable by both local and international law. We condemn EVERY form of violence and atrocity against civilians both by irregular troops and by armed civilians, and ABOVE ALL we condemn them if they are committed by military personnel.

    And we condemn this particular crime TWICE:

    o- once for what it appears to be: beside the terrible loss of innocent children and their mother in a brutal incident, it brought terrible shame to our community because it seemed at first to have been committed by criminals of hellenic (greek) origin.

    o- and in recent times we condemn it again, because more information and intelligence is surfacing about that incident that makes it a lot more probable that those poor souls were murdered either by TMT (the terrorist organization of Turkish Cypriots who were commanded by Ankara in the armed insurrection that was aimed at a racial partition of the island) or by military officers from Turkey. And the "photo opportunity" to exploit those people's blood for political purposes was ingeniously engineered - according to the testimonies of the photographer, Turkish military officers, and Turkish Cypriot investigative journalists.

    Please review some of the information yourself. And please remember to condemn this crime NO MATTER WHO DID IT - it's still a horrible crime and its perpetrators should be executed whatever their ethnic or cultural roots are. And if they are hellenes, I'd like to see the criminals skinned alive before the execution: We have a warrior's code of honour in our culture that is several thousand years old. Its violation is, yes, a crime against those particular children and their mother, but it's also a crime against the sensibilities and morals of our whole community and of the very roots of our civilization.

    Please explore the emerging information here:

    o- Please go to this book online and search for the word "bathtub" (page 252):

    (continued below)

  6. (contined from above)

    o- An effort to discredit the photographer's testimony was made by Tom Roche "who is media adviser to the former puppet-leader Denktash and his pseudo-state AND a shareholder and 'consultant' of Hillcrest Estates". Hillcrest Estates, is a Cyprus-based real estate agency... engaged in Corporate violations of the Geneva Convention, trying to sell the illegally occupied Cypriot lands.

    o- The whole issue was opened up again recently when Nihat Ilhan, now a retired Turkish Army Brigadier returned to Cyprus, and "Turkish Cypriot publisher and columnist Sener Levent in a series of recent articles leaves open the question of foul play, while General Bedrettin Demirel, who led the Turkish invasion forces in Cyprus in 1974, states in his diaries that the dead children and their mother were deliberately placed in the bathtub and photographed for propaganda purposes".

    Also, "Sener Levent... goes on and writes that the paper received two more pieces of information on this issue yesterday: The first one is related to Hasan Kudum who was hurt during the bathroom massacre incident but he did not lose his life. Asked by his friends if those who came to kill them spoke between them Greek or Turkish, Hasan Kudum stated: There were persons who spoke Greek and there were persons who spoke Turkish."
    The Bathroom Massacre Incident

    o- Please see the Turkish Cypriot Press reports at the time that Brigadier Nihat Ilhan returned to Cyprus. The newspaper "Afrika", published by Socialist journalist Sener Levent wrote that Nihat Ilhan changed his story about the incident. Which story is the real one? The one he gave in 1963 or the one he gave now?

    o- It's not the first time or the last that TMT killed Turkish Cypriots and Turks to serve the interests of Ankara. Among others, the right-wing TMT terrorists killed Dervis Ali Kavazoglu in 1965 for pursuing a much-needed Socialist friendship and unity between Turks and Hellenes of Cyprus:

    And TMT also murdered:
    Fazil Ondur, editor of the newspaper Inkilapci, killed on 29 May 1959,
    Ahmet Yahaya, committee member, killed on 5 June 1958,
    Kutlu Adali, the Turkish Cypriot journalist, killed July 1996.
    See here:

    Outrage and anger against the murderers - WHOEVER they are - is righteous, appropriate. and correct.
    But please study before your anger is used by political propaganda and military psychological warfare operations.

    Petros Evdokas,

  7. Sorry, I forgot to add above that these artificially created incidents are called "False Flag" operations, and have been known to military and political leaders since time immemorial.

    Please read more about them here:


  8. this page is full of some exageration and lots of one sided comments on the past events in Cyprus. As a peace builder, I am losing hope for reunification with Greek Cypriots who as above, see only one side of the story and close their eyes to the sufferings and agony of Turkish Cypriots since 1958.

  9. Reunification of our communities can only take place within a context of Equality, Justice and Security. These are guarantors for Peace. There can be no substitute.

    A full return of all the Turkish Cypriot and Hellene Cypriot refugees to their homelands, and with fully guaranteed political and civil rights for every person... is that too much to ask for?

    A reversal of the policy of genocide, military occupation, ethnic cleansing, racial division - all of these are necessary in order for our peoples to live together again in peace in the same neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and services.

    Let's see it from the inverse angle: is it possible to build Reconciliation WITHOUT equality and justice? Is it possible to build Reconciliation and trust between our communities while retaining the system of Apartheid intact?

    When and where has such a policy ever given fruits? When has Apartheid and enforced inequality, military occupation and genocide ever led to Peace?

    I would very much like to see our peoples reunited. But not as sheep to the slaughter: all of the barriers which now keep our people divided by force of arms must be removed.