Tuesday 8 June 2010

With such a friend you don't need enemies !!!

By Belal Doufesh

And now israel became against occupation !!!

"a group of Israelis is planning a flotilla voyage to Cyprus next week to protest the Turkish occupation, following Israel’s security cabinet’s decision to release every Turkish passenger on the Gaza flotilla in an attempt to repair damaged relations with Turkey. The group is accusing the cabinet of buckling under Turkish pressure and releasing the Turks despite alleged photographic evidence they attacked Israeli soldiers."

Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=177449



  1. Thank you Belal.

    It is of course ironic that Zionists from Israel all of a sudden become champions against the occupation, genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out by the armed forces of Turkey in Cyprus. Ironic indeed!

    Oh, how deeply they care for us!

    We do NOT need such allies. They are undesirable. Any alliance with racists, neo-nazi Zionists ("zio-nazis) will always be disastrous.

    The militarist and fascist-leaning ruling class in Turkey is not very different from the militarist and fascist-leaning ruling class in Israel: both are hellbent on genocide, expansion, conquest, extermination and eradication of the "parasites" who live in the areas they invade and hold by force, armed and financed by the United States.

    Let them fight with each other. Politically, economically and militarily, plus in any other way possible.

    A political observer named Romesa Khalid wrote this about how REALLY close are Turkey's and Israel's militarist Governments:

    "But will the rage last long enough to cause lasting changes in Turkey’s policies towards Israel, or will it die down in time for the $183 million worth of drones that Turkey is due to receive from Israel? The real face of politics lies in the answer to that question.

    Turkey officially recognized Israel in 1948 and also signed military cooperation agreements in 1996. Their shared history goes back to the 15th century with the influx of Jews into Turkey following the Spanish inquisition, as well as those fleeing Nazi persecution.

    Turkey has also received more than $1 billion in arms and weapons upgrade and provision from Israel. The two countries have conducted major joint military training exercises (including simulated attacks on Iranian nuclear installations). An agreement allows Israeli fighter pilots to practice long range flying in Turkish territory and Turkish pilots to avail Israel’s high-tech computerized shooting ranges, although three future scheduled training exercises have been called off for now.

    A free-trade agreement signed in 2001 further strengthened the two’s economic ties. Israel exports an annual $1.5 billion in goods and services to Turkey, and imports more than $1 billion. A plan to build a pipeline to supply Israel with oil and gas from Turkey is also in place.

    So, while it is true that verbal spats, stage walk-offs and humiliating antics between officials of the two countries have escalated following the 2008-2009 Gaza War, their actions have spoken louder than words."

    That says it all.

    Israeli Zionists and Turkish militarist national-chauvinists are only fighting among themselves over "their right" to invade, exterminate, exploit and oppress people without interference from each other.

    Petros, petros!cyprus-org.net

  2. The irony is that you all seem so "pure" in the way you "care" about any kind of "affairs".