Sunday 8 November 2009

Dana Beal is out of Jail - Freedom for all Friends of Cannabis!

Dana Beal, lifetime Cannabis liberation and US antiwar activist has just been released from Jail, following a solidarity campaign that involved thousands of people, primarily self-organized online with generous and timely initiatives by Aron Kay (thank you Aron!) The page of supporters on Facebook, titled FREE DANA BEAL FREE OURSELVES has more than 1200 members.

Dana is a co-founder of the Yippies, comrade of notable revolutionary activists such as Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Stu Albert, and he is the "superpower", mastermind and initiator of the Global Marijuana March campaign that sees annual gatherings and protests by thousands of Friends of Cannabis in several hundreds of cities around the planet every MayDay.

We're happy to report that Dana is out of Jail and free to continue his legal defence stemming from an arrest and a bizzarre case against him and two others, where the Judge ordered him held against bail of a half a million dollars... a few more details at the links below.

Please have a look at the relevant information on this page - any financial contributions for Dana's legal defence fund can be sent either by arrangements with Aron Kay in New York, phone number:
347-962-5024 (if calling from outside the US, plese add the US country code "001" in front);

or can be sent by to the email address of:

Alternately, you can make arrangements with members of the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective and we'll forward your donation to the defence fund:

Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3V135493XH591821C)

Sent to:
Douglas Greene
Amount sent:
-$25.00 USD

Nov 7, 2009

for the Dana Beal defence and bail fund

Please accept this small donation from the Collective for Dana Beal's defence, bail fund and any other needs it can help cover.
Many thanks to you and Aron Kay for all the great work to help Dana get out of jail and remain Free.

Funding Source:
$25.00 USD - PayPal Account


Dana Beal:

Global Marijuana March


Please Help Free Dana Beal, by Ed Rosenthal

FREE DANA BEAL-the sky is the limit!!!!

Dana in Denver

The Yippies


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