Sunday 8 November 2020

What just happened? Did it "just" happen?

🟢 A Imperial Holy Alliance comprised of the US-based ruling class and the global deep state have just regained control of the White House. The world is bracing for new wars.

🟢 A racist, sexist, homophobic Populist movement represented and led by an independent billionaire failed to save the world, even though it held the White House for four years.

🟢 The morally and ideologically corrupt, organizationally failed and co-opted american Left knowingly sided with the Empire's Holy Alliance and became willingly assimilated into its machinery, claiming it was "fighting fascism".

🟢 The ultra-reactionary american right-wing that has gotten embedded within the Populist movement that just lost the White House, was used as a clever excuse ~ an alibi ~ for the Left to avoid joining the Populist movement and failing to help orient the mobilized population toward liberation from Capital and the State. A poor excuse, but what else could the Left come up with to justify its own alliance with Capital and the State?

🟢 We live in a weird era in which, as the song goes:
"Left is Right and Right is Wrong
better decide which side you're on..."
- Tom Robinson Band.
It will take many years, perhaps decades, for truly radical and alternative american organizations and activists to disentangle themselves from the chariots of the Holy Alliance and re-emerge again as a viable political option. And they won't be able to do anything useful at a socially meaningful scale until they understand that in the current era among the People - beyond slogans and behaviors - the concepts of left and right are mostly mixed up and very often inverted.

🟢 Liberation from the power of Capital and the State necessitates a Liberation Movement; not a contest of "politically correct speech", nor the tormented "politics of guilt". Identity politics can only have a meaning if they are part of a unified movement for collective and personal social liberation aimed at the overthrow of Capital and the State; otherwise those politics only serve the modern Empire and the empowerement of its Thought Police.

🟢 A contemporary Liberation Movement needs to be guided by an understanding of complex concepts; the mental-emotional numbness created by the Left's internal Thought Police makes that impossible and it cultivates political stupidity.

🟢 Components of reality which need to be recognised as parameters that together must determine the direction of the compass guiding the Liberation Movement include:
🟪 The fundamentals of political economy (relations of production, ownership and control of means of production and natural resources - the so-called Objective forces of History).

🟪 The fundamentals of Orgonomy (mass psychology, knowledge of the psychosomatic essence of authoritarianism, effects of the suppression and exploitation of sensuous and pleasurable experiences of the Erotic; personal and social liberation by restoration of Eros and self-regulation of the individual and social organism - all which sculpt the so-called Subjective forces of History).

🟪 The fundamentals of how the contemporary Society of the Spectacle operates, and especially how the Objective and the Subjective forces of History have come to be producing and reproducing it, ruled by it, identified with it, and are aware of themselves only through it. It has gone way beyond the world of Advertising and Propaganda; it is currently the process by which the current regime's narrative is experienced as "reality". Its modern evolutes, ie. the Society of Television, the Society of the Desktop or Mobile Screen, the Society of the Keyboard... all evolving together into the Society of Social Media, have given us the present stage of the Spectacle, which is a Participatory Dictatorship of Social Media: produce and reproduce a version of dominant "reality" of your own, with your own personal flavor. At the same time, it is the only unified culture shared by the majority of the global population.

🟪 Newly evolving paradigms of revolutionary societies with contributions from the Zapatistas and the Kurds.

🟪 Restoration of "old-fashioned" patterns of Liberation - such as ethnic and national liberation, community politics, etc. - can take totally new meanings in the present era of Empire which rules entire countries via globalization. Che Guevara's "Patria o Muerte / Homeland or Death" retains a global and glorious anti-Imperialist validity which the euro-american Left no longer understands. Patriotism, in the context of internationalism, continues to be one of the most powerful vehicles for Liberation.

🟪 The local and global working class has changed. We live in an era where the 99% of the population belongs to the working class, even though only 30%-60% of this class might be employed at any given time: the entire class survives on the combined incomes of those few. There's a need to recognize that the "new" working class includes very few industrial proletarians; more academic and highly technical proletarians; a large number of people who work either part-time or seasonally; that many people work at home; many people are in a "fluid" employment status somewhere between "self-employed" and "employed"; that more and more people work in an environment where "local" and "global" are intimately connected; more and more people possess many, many highly developed skills and yet they are employed as "unskilled workers", or their skills are under-employed; the working class includes a few farmers, many small business owners; it includes vast numbers whose social and self awareness is determined by their being shoppers and consumers; and similarly, it includes vast numbers whose social and self awareness is determined by their being Spectators and participants in the dictatorship of Social Media. All of the above belong to multitude of varied and different identities characterised by ethnic, national and cultural parameters, language and religion, gender and sexuality, location, and by their country's or community's status within the local and global hierarchy and relations of power. Collectively, they - we! - comprise a political Multitude, which is both the new Subjective force in History, and also part of the machinery of production and reproduction of Objective reality.

🟢 All of the above are essential for re-aligning the compass of the Liberation Movement in the West - don't leave home for the Revolution without them!

🟢 A Left that is self-absorbed and entirely obsessed with its own internal Thought Police enforcing the Politics of Guilt and petty Identity Politics on its members and attempting to enforce that on the populatioin-at-large while it exists in a criminal co-dependance with the Imperial Alliance, is better Left Behind.

🟣 Integration is not Liberation!

🟣 All Power to the Imagination!

🟣 Onwards for a new Erotic Psychedelic Inter-Galactic Consciousness spanning both the Physical and the Metaphysical!

🟣 Revolt where you live ~ Live Everywhere!

🟣 Liberated Collective realities are crucial for the Liberation process: they can only be created by Love actively engaged in listening, participation in group dialogues structured as a shared experience of Direct Democracy; shared Work; shared Play. They can take a myriad forms: music bands; affinity groups; combat units; community power councils; collective households; communes; worker-owned businesses ; cooperatives; independent unions of working people, soldiers, neighbors; consumers' co-ops; Peoples' Armies; Liberated Countries.

🟣 All for One and One for All!


November 8, 2020
Petros Evdokas,