Thursday 21 August 2008

A New Kind of Lovers' Slurp

This photo was published by Yahoo, under it's "Most Emailed Photos" program, accompanied by the following information:

"In this photo provided by Busch Gardens, Bea, a three-year-old giraffe, and Wilma, an ostrich, share a moment Aug. 1, 2009 at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida's 65-acre Serengeti Plain. Just as they do on Africa's plains, the animals usually hang out with their own species. But recently, zoo keepers at Busch Gardens noticed the unlikely pair that just can't seem to get enough of one another.
(AP Photo/Busch Gardens, Matt Marriott)"

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Legal Issues; Copyleft / Copyright notice


Monday 18 August 2008

Legal Issues; Copyleft / Copyright notice

Legal Issues; Copyleft / Copyright notice:

* We sometimes use copyrighted materials in the course of our discussions and exchanges. These materials are distributed in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 without profit, to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research, educational, and religious purposes.

* The copyrights of any materials produced and published here by members or visitors of Cyprus Indymedia, either individually or collectively, belong to the authors. Any profit- oriented use of those materials without the express permission of the author, is illegal. We encourage the free distribution of these materials, especially in the context of the activities and communications of the global liberation movement.

* Both of the above statements are covered and protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus; by International laws and treaties signed by the Republic; by current legislation governing copyrights; and by the legal precedents created by past Court decisions, including our own successful lawsuit in Court against an attempt to violate these rights by a large local corporation which owns and operates tv, magazine, and radio publishing enterprises.

Cyprus IndyMedia Collective


Sunday 10 August 2008

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Our Collective is committed to the building and strengthening of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural unity in and around Cyprus. For this reason our online publication is trilingual, utilizing the Hellenic, Turkish and English languages.

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Friday 8 August 2008

Editorial Policy

Document Information:
This document was produced in 2006 in order to coalesce all of our previous collective decisions and writings that determine and affect our Collective's Editorial Policy, produced at both the local and global level since the year 2000.

Due to various server failures and other technical failures, but also due to technical improvements, most of our essential documents have been in need of republishing in new formats. The present document is revised only to correct broken links and restore missing references, and to edit for clarity - no other changes were made. All of the values and principles of our organization pertaining to Editorial Policy are retained and restated as they were originally formulated at our Collective's inception in the year 2000.

Cyprus IndyMedia Collective
October 2010

Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policy is shaped and guided by the following documents, declarations, decisions and dialogues:

[Imc-East.-Mediterr.] IMC Cyprus - Our Final Application

Cyprus IndyMedia / Invitation to Participate (from our founding documents), in the Hellenic, Turkish and English languages:

Global Indymedia/ Basic Editorial Policy

Additional refinements:
Trend Toward More Editorial Control

Global organizational context:
Global Indymedia/ Membership Criteria

Global Indymedia Principles Of Unity

Global Indymedia Mission Statement

Cyprus IndyMedia editorial and organizational context

In addition to all the above, our Editorial Policy is in accordance with all the laws and regulations of the countries in which our members are active and where our facilities are physically located, i.e. the jurisdictions within which we operate.

More importantly, through our publications we seek to practice in actuality the Freedom of Expression as it is guaranteed by the Constitutions of all the countries involved in our work, and to extend that right to the communities we serve. Also, to expand those rights and help to redefine them in accordance with the evolving perceptions and ideas of our times.

In the "special case" of issues related to Copyrights, we have consensed on this document:
Copyleft - Copyrights/ Legal

In the "special case" of issues related to Signatures, we have consensed on this document:
Collective or Individual Signatures?


We make political and editorial decisions in accordance to the spiritual, social, political, personal values and bonds among us in order to serve our mission - our values, principles and our politics are expressed in one of our founding documents titled "The Short Statement", below. The document originates from a BiCommunal organization named KaliMerhaba, which is the organization that gave birth to Cyprus IndyMedia. "The Short Statement" covers the basic foundations of ideology and practice on which we have built our local indymedia organization.

"The Short Statement"

January 2006


Collective or Individual Signatures? For now we have to do both

The political and social reality of our country dictates that certain statements, positions, analyses, or information have no validity whatsoever unless there is a face, name, and address associated with them.

Oppression in our country is personal. The primary suppression of voices which are critical of the two illegitimate regimes that rule over our divided island begins at home, with intimidation at the workplace, in the neighborhood, in the family.

Most of our intimate and familiar bonds and relationships are used to silence people. The imperative to comply is swallowed down with every social interaction we have, with almost everyone we encounter.

This form of silencing is especially successful for views which involve cultural, sexual, spiritual, or political liberation themes that are not allowed public expression anywhere else in our country. The establishment media collaborate with the regimes even as they pretend to be "independent": they enforce the silencing of dissent by denying access to avenues of expression.

Anonymous journalism has its merits, especially for providing necessary protection to certain vulnerable voices whose identities must be protected. But its inverse, eponymous journalism, is necessary too. Often, especially in the realm of radical politics and alternative culture there is a need for a familiar personal voice identified with a known face to take a stance, to provide validity to information. These can not be substituted by anonymous statements.

Collective entities have not yet evolved in our country that are trustworthy, with a good reputation of being authoritative without being authoritarian. Unfortunately IndyMedia's evolution in that direction is still incomplete. We recognize that even though we would like our collective signature to have a worthy reputation, we know that as a global organization we are not yet ready for it: sometimes we need to publicize an item with a signature of a known individual, whose views or positions need to be presented as such.

The global IndyMedia network has not yet found a good balance between its collective identity and its individual members. The needs of the liberation Movement often call for editorial decisions for which our network is not yet ready. So we do what we can. We prefer the publication of collective statements, but if the Movement will not benefit from it, or if we can serve the Movement better otherwise, we opt for publications signed with a name and address of individuals.

We contribute as much as possible to the development of collective voices and collective actions within the alternative~ radical community with various ways. But we also recognize that from time to time we need to promote the publication of eponymous materials signed by a known person with a face, name, and address. This in turn helps to encourage or inspire people to take a stance, which then helps generate collective responses or collective entities to form.

The individual who shoulders an occasional (or frequent) social risk to embrace difficult positions, or to validate information in our pages, which, if left anonymous will be ignored, has a place among us.

January 2006

Cyprus IndyMedia Collective


Thursday 7 August 2008

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