Sunday 15 November 2009

Many of us are Socialists

Many of us are Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Autonomist Feminist Greens... therefore we find it unacceptable that some of our colleagues within the BiCommunal Peace movement, who also proclaim themselves to be socialists, are working together with openly declared enemies of Communism, and with the transnational diplomacy arm of the Imperialist domination project that continues to be aimed against the communities and indigenous people of Cyprus.

Here is a little bit about the major participants of an event that is being promoted as a Bicommunal Open Discussion about Education under the title:
"Myths and bias in education: SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTHS OF THE OTHERS",
featuring "... the well known Greek academic Anna Fragkoudaki".

From the announcement by the organizers of the event:
"The activity is co-organised by IKME, the Friedrich – Ebert- Stiftung and the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus.
Representatives of KTOS, KTOEOS, Mr Takis Hadjidemetriou on behalf of IKME and Mrs Kaminara on behalf of the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus will address the meeting."

Who they are:
* The Friedrich – Ebert- Stiftung
* Mr Takis Hadjidemetriou
* Anna Fragkoudaki

The juicy details:
* The "Friedrich Ebert Stiftung" (Stiftung means "Foundation") is named for the first President of Germany, Friedrich Ebert, and is committed to continuing his legacy.

Friedrich Ebert was a Monarchist who misled the socialist camp of Germany into supporting the Kaizer's war (before and during World War 1), and by that act signalled the historical split between anti-imperialist Communism and what is now know as "democratic socialism". A Revolutionary Socialist uprising in Germany in 1918/19 simultaneous to the Bolshevik uprising in Russia ended the war, overthrew the Kaizer and declared the Free Socialist Republic of Germany.

In response, Friedrich Ebert led a "democratic" Government of Germany which commanded the Kaizer's troops and drowned the revolution in blood. His actions led to the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the era's two most prominent leaders of autonomist revolutionary socialism and independent communism in western Europe.

The "Friedrich Ebert Stiftung" is now engaged in "exporting democracy" to more than 100 countries, with its local organizations promoting the global ruling class agenda by opposition to all indigenous and autonomous national liberation popular movements that oppose the rule of Capital, and engaged primarily in the ideological indoctrination of opposition to Communism and promotion of projects by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. (Please see links below.)

* Mr Takis Hadjidemetriou was the Accession Coordinator of the Republic, ie. the head of the Committee which oversaw the harmonization of Cyprus with the laws and regulations of the European Union, so that Cyprus could finalize its entry into the EU.

Immediately upon the country's entry into the EU, he reversed himself fully by 180 degrees and embraced the promotion of a "solution" for the Cyprus conflict which is in direct and complete violation of EU laws. It is also in violation of the United Nations Charter of Human Rights; various sections of International Law; and in violation of the Geneva Convention articles that pertain to the Right of Return of populations displaced by war.

In an excellent article by Phaedon Vassiliades titled "Cyprus: Beyond the Boundary", and published by the Socialist Review, Phaedon explains and analyzes how many violations to local, European and International law and just plain insults to human decency are involved in the "solution" promoted by Takis Hadjidemetriou, Kofi Annan and others:
"Instead of bringing the two communities together the constitution provides for internal borders, perpetuation of the dividing lines, quotas of the number of Greek and Turkish Cypriots who will be allowed to reside in the constituent state of the 'other side'.
It is easy to imagine how these regulations and arrangements can strengthen national hatred and allow interference by the 'Great Powers'. "

* Anna Fragkoudaki
is an academic from Greece who has contributed positively to the idea that multi-cultural education is a necessary foundation for a modern democracy. Unfortunately - and to her shame - she has promoted works and ideas that erode the very foundation of freedom, that is the right of people to independence and self-determination.

We live in an era during which the enslaved hellenic nation is still freeing itself from five hundred years of occupation and genocide. Large parts of lands where hellenes have lived for millenia are still under foreign occupation - those of us who live on the edge of this active frontier and under imperialist and Corporate State-sponsored genocidal machinery can attest to that.

And yet, even while our country is still under occupation and screaming to be liberated, Anna Fragkoudaki writes that to be teaching in school about our ethnic and cultural identity is equal to "legalizing the coveting of other lands and preparing for wars of expansion".

She also accuses that in school, "the preparation of students to become soldiers willing to die for the motherland" is contrary to the European Union's multicultural "dialogue" and to the "alliances ...and compromises" that will guarantee peace:
Ιερά ηρωικά σύμβολα και μεγάλες πολιτικές αντιφάσεις

Anna Fragkoudaki also goes to great lengths to ridicule and attack those of us who persist on trying to hold on to our language, to our hellenic cultural heritage, history and sense of national continuity which are threatened by military and genocidal occupations, by cultural imperialism, by carefully cultivated ignorance and self-directed racism. Why is it important to defend the language rights of the occupied Navajo and Lakota people? Because in defending those languages we are helping defend the indigenous people of the Americas against the colonialist genocide that has almost wiped them out culturally, ethnically and politically. And the same applies to us.

There are many of us who are worried that by one or two generations no one in Cyprus will know how to speak, read or write the indigenous hellenic language any longer. But fake-leftist "luminaries" such as Anna Fragkoudaki and her supporters such as Vassiliki Katrivanou accuse us of being "megalomaniacs" and "archeo-paths".

In her article titled "Η γλωσσική φθορά και οι «μεγαλομανείς» γλώσσες", Anna Fragkoudaki equates the Anglo-American, French and German imperialist efforts to impose their languages on the world's colonized peoples with the indigenous hellenes who struggle to maintain, preserve, cultivate and defend the existence of our language against all odds. She writes - with arrogance! - that all concerns about the erosion of the language and all perceived threats to the existence of the language are lies, based on myth.

You can read her accusation in her own words, here:
Η γλωσσική φθορά και οι «μεγαλομανείς» γλώσσες

We hope that activists and organizers of the BiCommunal Peace process will steer away from enemies of the liberation process, and be especially careful of alliances with foreign and local instruments of global imperialism.

Hellenic Language Branch,
Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

Readings, Sources

Friedrich Ebert
Friedrich Ebert "... accepted this position only reluctantly. He was a supporter of the monarchy until the abdication of the Kaiser ("If the Kaiser abdicates, the social revolution is inevitable. But I do not want it, I hate it like sin", he said to Max von Baden on 7 November), and when Scheidemann proclaimed the Republic he responded: "Is that true? You have no right to proclaim the Republic!" By this he meant that the decision was to be made by an elected national assembly, even if that decision would be the restoration of the monarchy.

Ebert led the new government for the next several months, notably using the army under support of Minister of Defense Gustav Noske to suppress the Spartacist uprising, commonly identified with Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. When the Constituent Assembly met in Weimar in February, 1919, Ebert was chosen to be the first president of the German Republic.

The German workers protected his government from the Kapp Putsch in 1920 by means of a nationwide general strike. After the strike was over, however, Ebert's government again recruited the Freikorps and the soldiers who had wanted to overthrow him in order to quell remaining uprisings in western Germany. While hundreds of civilians were killed (including many who had nothing to do with the uprising), most of the putschists were treated leniently. Some of the Freikorps already used the swastika as their symbol of resistance against the "red pack" at the time, and many of them as well as right-wing members of the Reichswehr would later become influential national socialists. In November 1923, Ebert rebuked his own party for leaving the coalition government of Gustav Stresemann.

Ebert remains a somewhat controversial figure to this day. While the SPD recognizes him as one of the founders and keepers of German democracy whose death in office in February 1925 was a great loss, communists and others on the left argue that he paved the way for fascism by supporting the ultra-right Freikorps and their violent suppression of Marxist uprisings."

[above excerpt is from: ]

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Foundation)
"The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) office in New York serves as a liaison between the United Nations, FES field offices and partners in developing countries to strenghten the voice of the Global South. It contributes to UN debates on economic and social development, and on peace and security issues. Towards this end, FES New York annually organizes some 30 seminars, conferences and roundtables and regularly publishes briefing papers and fact sheets. In addition, it contributes to a dialogue on the work of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C.
Thematic features include the UN debate on Financing for Development...":

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

"Cyprus: Beyond the Boundary"
by Phaedon Vassiliades, Socialist Review:


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  1. "Teachers History Book"
    Μύθοι και προκαταλήψεις στην Παιδεία: αναζητώντας τις αλήθειες των άλλων

    Apparently this group supports the event as well.

    These are the people who want to change the history books so that the words "invasion" and "occupation" of Cyprus do not appear, as they are deemed "offensive" to the Peace-building process.

    At a recent public event they had sponsored, a participant referred to the occupied north of Cyprus as "the occupied areas" and she was cut down immediately, interrupted by members of the "Teachers History Book" group who said that the term is unacceptable.

    What kind of history books do they want to write? If black is to be named white, then War is Peace and donkeys will fly - if you believe hard enough. Right?

    No. Turkish Cypriots and Hellene Cypriots must embrace the Truth, and build together a Peace founded on Justice by changing reality. Itself.